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Happy Friday Eve!

Tomorrow is our vocabulary quiz!  Go to quizlet to review!  You will be also turning in the “textbook” answer sheet (front page) completed to turn in tomorrow as well.  This is a test grade.  Last day of the semester is tomorrow-no late assignments will be accepted after tomorrow.  Check Synergy to check your grades!

Tomorrow is our Holiday Party-remember to bring a canned drink to your homeroom teacher and your treats for the party!

Ho Ho Ho….Santa stopped by and has a little something for you to add to your vocab quiz!  Print this blog, and tell me the person’s name who is the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Russia and Germany currently.  You will also need a parent signature to get a point each…that is 3 points available!

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4 days left!

Only 4 days left to finish off the first half of the school year!  WOW!  You have worked too hard so keep it up until Friday!  We have LOTS to do!

ALL BLOCKS:  Homework is to watch the following video and to create the images for constitutional monarch and monarch.  You will not be able to access from school as it is a you tube video!  Enjoy the link!  VOCAB QUIZ ON FRIDAY!


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Weekend is NOW!

Block 1:  We have covered 2 standards in our Unit 3 already!  DUE MONDAY:  1.  Similes (or metaphors) about power distribution-CHECK RUBRIC 2.  Campaign posters-CHECK RUBRIC 3. answer questions 1-7 in your “textbook” packet 4.  Study for the quiz on Dec. 18th.

Blocks 2,3,4,and 5:  DUE MONDAY:  1.  POWER poster about power distribution-CHECK RUBRIC 2.  Campaign poster-CHECK RUBRIC 3. answer questions 1-7 in your “textbook” packet 4.  Study for the quiz on Dec. 18th.

Have a most wonderful time of the year weekend!

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Friday Eve already!

VOCABULARY QUIZ ON FRIDAY! DEC. 18TH!  quizlet on yesterday’s blog

Block 1:  Finish the Metaphor/Simile activity (due Monday) and questions 1-3 in the “textbook”.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Finish your POWER POSTER (due Monday) and questions 1-3 in the “textbook”

Bring in your canned goods!

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Happy Wednesday!

Sorry about the late post friends!

VOCABULARY QUIZ NEXT FRIDAY (December 18)-vocabulary word were given today.  We have begun our new unit-Government Systems of Europe.  Students also received our “textbook” for the unit as well as the unit standards. GET READY for the vocab quiz with the following quizlet

Turned in today was the Unit 2 vocabulary expansion-this will count as a quiz grade…

No homework this evening…other than STUDY!

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A new unit dawns with a new day…..let’s be ready!

Feels like it has been 500 years since we changed units…!  Tomorrow we start Unit 3, Government Systems of Europe!  To review various parts of the government and how the United States compares to other nations.

To get ready…please watch the following video link.  THERE WILL BE A POP QUIZ TOMORROW.

If you are unable to watch from home…it is your responsibility to watch in Media Center tomorrow.  Be careful though….sometimes the computers fill up in the Media Center!

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Unit 2 Test Eve

Tomorrow is “Show What You Know” Day!  

For 2 points added to your test:  Who said “A date which will live in infamy” when referring to December 7?  For the 2 points you will need to tell who said it as well as whom he was speaking to AND print out this page with a parent signature

Happy Studying!

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CDL access

Hi friends!  CDL is the Cobb Digital Library that you use at school but have access to from home.  There is a link on the school web page.  The sign in information is in the front cover of your agenda-your sign in and password.  Once there, you can search from Brain Pop-go ahead and save it in your favorites backpack and then in the future you can get to it quicker!  There are several videos pertaining to the topics we covered in this unit.  Spend some video time watching and it may even help you with the material.

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It was a great week!  We have our test on Tuesday…are you ready?

The Cold War 2010 1

ALL BLOCKS.. Attached is the power point from which to finish your notes about the Cold War.  Also, be sure to watch the “Cold War” video on Brain Pop…access that through the CDL!

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Happy Friday Eve!

I hope you enjoyed meeting AMAZING people today in our lesson about resistance during the Holocaust.  What a timely message they send us.

Block 1:  Rise of Hitler paragraph due tomorrow-you will be turning in:  Original paragraph with addition of RACE strategy, revisions based on guidelines given at beginning of the year “MAJOR SURGERY” , and a final in ink or typed.  This is a quiz grade.  The rubric is in your reference section.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  STUDY!

ALL:  Vocabulary Expansion is due on Dec. 9th.  We have been working on this in class throughout the unit.  We have three more terms to cover after our lesson tomorrow.

TEST on Dec. 8th!  

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