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Last January school day of 6th grade…..


Block 1:  Students began the research component for the Fiddle Faddle Factory activity.  We will begin the plan for the new location on Monday.  RESEARCH IS DUE ON MONDAY! The physical feature paragraph is due on Monday!

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Students gathered research for our graphing project. Research ONLY should be completed for class on Monday to stay on schedule!  Graph will be done in class!  We will work on the actual graph in class on Monday.  The physical feature paragraph is due on Monday.

RESEARCH LINKS (Block 2,3,4,5)Geographic Graphing Links



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Thursday Eve!

TEST ON TUESDAY!  ALL classes will meet in the computer lab (rm 118) across from attendance.  

Block 1:  Physical Feature paragraph due Monday.  We will begin Fiddle Faddle Latin America tomorrow.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Paragraph due on Monday.  We began that in class today.  BLOCK 3-we have one more step to complete…DO NOT START YET!

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Physical Features of Latin America

Hola Amigos!  The song link is on yesterday’s blog.  The map test will be on Tuesday, Feb.2.  ALL CLASSES MEET IN COMP LAB #118 tomorrow!

Block 1:  We will work on the 1 minute speech tomorrow as to why save a particular physical feature on the map!  We will also begin the research for the Fiddle Faddle Factory-Latin America activity.  Paragraph is due on Monday.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5;  Paragraph is due on Monday.

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Caracas, Venezuela…..

I know what you are singing!  Here is the song-sing it loud! Rock the Capitals

Map test 02.02 on the map you completed on Tuesday! PRACTICE!

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Where we going?

Students received our itinerary today for Latin America.  We will have a map test on February 2 over the countries, capitals and physical features.  Please see the standards for the specific countries.  DUE TOMORROW:  Map labelled and colored.

Want some extra practice?  Visit Sheppard Software!

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Saldos Amigos!

We have left Europe and have landed in Latin America!  I am so excited to explore this region with you!

Block 1:  Students participated in an economic simulation today as we finished our Unit 4.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  We cleaned out our suitcase to make room for our Latin America souvenirs!  Please leave your European goodies at home!  You will need them for upcoming activities!  As we looked out the plane window today, we took notes about the diversity of the Latin American geography!  Tomorrow we begin looking at the places we will go!

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Snow Daze!

We had shorter classes today due to our early dismissal.  I collected the Unit 4 answer sheets from all classes.

Block 1:  Your GDP/IEF graph is due Monday.  Please read the rubric carefully.

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  You also turned in your continuum research.


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Early Release tomorrow!

We will be dismissed at 2:15 tomorrow!  The classes will be a bit shorter and you will have all of them including PE and Connections!  Any assignments that were due tomorrow will still be due!


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Comparing Countries

Finish your research economies-of-germany-uk-russia-

Block 1:  We spent time today working on the graph that will allow you to determine factors that contribute to a country’s Economic Freedom rating as well as its relationship to the country’s GDP.  This is due on Monday, January 25 (I think that date is correct).  TOMORROW:  Your answer sheet is due for the Unit 4 Economic Handbook.  COMPLETE THE ANSWER SHEET BEFORE CLASS!  

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  The economic continuum is due tomorrow as well as your completed research handout.  TOMORROW:  Your answer sheet is due for the Unit 4 Economic Handbook.  COMPLETE THE ANSWER SHEET BEFORE CLASS!  

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Economic Freedom…or not!

Block 1:  ATTENTION STUDENTS:  You will need to make a slight change to your graph x and y axis information.  The Y axis will be the Index of Economic Freedom rating and the X axis will be the Country name and the GDP (write out the number NOT just $25 trillion).  We completed our basic research today and you were given the instructions for the Graphing Economics Project.  NOTE:  For North Korea, you will need to look at Korea, Dem Rep.  You are looking for the GDP.  Your graph project is due on Monday, 01.24.  We will NOT be working on this in class.  Tomorrow we will complete the natural resources and entrepreneur portion and questions in the packet.  Completed answer sheet is due on Friday

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:  We have finished comparing the countries of Europe’s economies and have begun looking at the factors that determine placement on a continuum.  You have used the Economic Freedom Index to help us with creating our own continuum.  Research and completed continuum is due on Friday.  Tomorrow we will complete the natural resources and entrepreneur portion and questions in the packet.  Completed answer sheet is due on Friday

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