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Friday Eve and Show What You Know Eve!

Hi friends…I missed everyone today but I learned so much at my inservice!  Tomorrow is our test day!  STUDY!

Block 1:  Continue to work on your individual portion of your expert group project.

Blocks 2,3,4,and 5;  Study for the test tomorrow!

NOTE:  Weekly warm-up #3 will be collected on Monday!

Oh yeah, extra points for the test!  Print out the blog, answer the question and get parent signature for 2 extra points…..Who is the current leader of Cuba?

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It’s Camel Day!

UNIT 6 TEST ON 2.26!

Block 1:  Students were given the time to work on their expert groups today.  We will have only 1 more “work day” as a class.  Students should continue to work on their individual portion of the presentation.  

Block 2, 3, 4, 5:  Students began Unit 7 today .  Students were given the Unit 7 standards and heard the story of Cortes and Montezuma.  Students should finish the 3.2.1 portion of the notes for homework so we can move on to the Incas tomorrow.  Reminder:  there are several resources that are linked to assignments on Synergy.  You will find a power point specifically to help you with the 3rd Geography standard

Weekly Warm-Up Wizard #3 due on MONDAY!  

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Happy Rainy Day!


Block 1:  Today was a group planning day with your expert groups!  Tomorrow will be your individual work.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  We had a great review day!  I have uploaded the Are You Smarter than a 5th grader? power point to Synergy.  Go to student view, click on Social Studies, Unit 6 Test resources….enjoy a Family Game Night with you as the host!

Spring Pictures tomorrow

6th grade dance on 03.04

Beta Applications due 03.01

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Welcome Back!

It was so nice to see all your rested faces and “glad to be back” smiles”.

All blocks organized materials for the Unit 6 test on FRIDAY, 02.26.  Study one standard a night.  Use our Unit 6 standards to help guide your studying!

Block 1:  Students received information on their Expert Group presentation-dates, format, and expectations.  HOMEWORK:  Teacher proposal due tomorrow.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Students completed an organizer on culture characteristics of Latin America.

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Happy Break to all my Valentines!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful break…be safe!

We will be moving along when we return-no time for slowly getting back into the swing!

ALL BLOCKS:  Unit 6 test will be Tuesday, Feb. 24.  The unit standards a great resource to use for a study guide.  Organize materials by standard and reread your notes and “textbook” packets.

Students checked and turned in the Weekly Warm-Up Wizard #2 today and grades are in Synergy.  These are given on Monday and due back on Friday-despite absences during the week (and field trips).  

Block 1:

Today, students participated in a round robin to experience various parts of the Latin American culture.  This is the last part of the Geography portion of our tour of Latin America.

Over the break, please finish any research you would like to add.  We will not be going back to the Media Center but will be creating your presentations.  I would like each of you to think about how you would like to share the information you have.  Your group will then begin coordinating that.  We will discuss the particular requirements for the presentation when we return from break!

Blocks 2, 3, 4, and 5:

Today, students participated in a round robin to experience various parts of the Latin American culture.  This is the last part of the Geography portion of our tour of Latin America.

STUDY for a few minutes each reason to be bored!

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Now it is Friday Eve!

So glad everyone had a great day on the filed trip!  Also so glad to see you back!

Block 1:  You CAN do this!  We are working the brain and it may hurt but it will grow because of it!  Research should be done by the Monday we return from break AS WELL AS a proposal for teaching (we will discuss this in class)

HOT OFF THE INTERNET:  Current issues in Cuba and Venezuela-two sites that has a great deal of information Encyclopedia of the Nations and The Encyclopedia of the Earth

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Students read an article about current day Venezuela.  The article should be ANNOTATED WITH PURPOSE using think marks.  We also discussed an informational text reading strategy REAP that is to be completed for homework.

UNIT TEST IS ON 02.24.  Your unit standards are your study guide.  

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Friday Eve Greetings

Sure was quiet with so many of my friends missing!

Block 1:  We went to the Media Center to work on research…we will return tomorrow.  Mrs. Baker and I were able to spend time with the groups here.

Block 2,3,4,and 5:  Students worked on the Environmental Super Hero (DUE TOMORROW), we also watched a video about The Rise and Fall of Berlin Wall.


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Happy No Snow Tuesday!

I know-I shouldn’t complain when we have an entire week off but I think it would be nice to make a snowman!

Block 1:  Research began today based on the research questions your group have generated.  THANK YOU Mrs. Baker for helping us get started!  Latin America Pathfinder-6th Grade Remember to stay curious through out the process and allow new questions to come from the research!  After break we will talk schedule!  GOOD NEWS….We are able to go back to the Media Center on Thursday!  

Blocks 2,3,4,and 5:  Classes completed the Environmental Issues notes and began the creation of their Super Hero!  Read the directions carefully!  Your final assignment is due on Thursday!

UNIT 6 test will be Feb. 24th.  You may begin studying using the Unit 6 standards.  


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Happy Super Monday GeoBees!

Block 1:  Students were introduced to our next unit through the Expert Groups project!  Aspects of our Latin america standards will be presented by the students based on their creation of a research question. This is an ongoing work in process and students will be given a detailed timeline for their presentation hen we return from break.

Blocks 2,3,4, and 5:  Students were introduced to the Environmental Issues of Latin America.  Homework:  Answer the questions found in our Enviro textbook.

The Weekly Warm-Up Wizards #2 was given in class today.  This will will be due on Friday.


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Block 1:  I collected the Fiddle Faddle Project today….can’t wait to see where you decided the new factory should go!   Homework:  Complete the Facebook Profile handout we started in class (after our tornado drill).  If you had not finished the “What if” brainstorming -do that first.  You will turn in both of these on Monday.  We will be meeting in the Media Center on Monday to hear about the next learning opportunity!

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  We completed Challenge 5 today of our Mapping lab!  We ended up in the deepest part of the Amazon Rainforest and saw some local villagers moving a canoe to the river.  Pretty cool!

Heads up!  We will have our Unit 6 test on Friday, February 12th!  We only have a few things to talk about but we are ready to jump over to history!

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