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Happy Friday Eve!

No Fool’s here!  Thanks for stopping by the night before our “Show What You Know”!  Tomorrow we have our Unit test over Canada and Australia!  Here is what you need to know:

Physical feature geography of Canada and Australia, location, climate, resources of Canada, Quebec Independence, environment of Canada, government/economy of both Australia and Canada.  Look over the unit standards regarding the history f Canada and Australia as well!  Extra Credit opportunities will come from the provinces, states, and capitals of both countries!  Try the kahoot link on Mrs. Mulholland’s blog to see if you can connect….it won’t on mine!  Try the one on Mrs. Wishon’s as well.

WARM-UP #8 is due tomorrow!

Would you like 3 extra points?  Find the answer to the following question, print the blog, and have a parent sign-Who are the “First Nations” people of Canada?

One more day until Spring Break!

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2 more sleeps until Friday!

All blocks will have a test on Friday, April 1…no foolin'”  Your unit standards for Canada and Australia will act as your study guide.  We will cover economy anf government of the two countries tomorrow.  See yesterday’s blog for a kahoot review

Block 1:  Congratulations to our newest Beta Club members!  Our future CEO’s!  Today in class, I collected the Environmental PSA and we voted on the Quebec issue.  We took a quick trip to Australia to look at its geography.  Your homework is to complete the map.

Blocks 2,3,4, and 5:  We took a day trip to Australia as well….homework-finish your Australia map.

Absent today?  Please go to the Synergy resources for the notes, power point, and map from today!


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What a great day, eh!

All blocks will have a test on Friday!  Unit 5 and Unit 10!  Canada and Australia!  Use your unit standards as your study guide!  Maps will be on the test….standards locations only!


Block 1:  Your homework is to complete the Quebec Independence Movement notes.  The graphic organizer was given in class.  You will find the power point on Synergy linked to the Quebec assignment tab.  After you have completed the notes, pick a side and write a 15 second position speech to convince others to vote for your side.  4 random students will be selected to share their speech on Wednesday and we will then vote as a class.

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5;  Complete the questions/article begin in class if you did not finish.

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Happy Monday!

All blocks will have the Unit 5 and 10 test on Friday.  These are two very short units with MANY similarities!  Be sure to study your Canada map-you will get the Australia map on Wednesday.  Physical features are the most important!

Block 1:  Finish the Geography of Canada graphic organizer.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Finish the cause, effect, and solution portion of your Flip Book. Don’t forget the questions…great way to study for the test!   We will work on bumper sticker later in class.

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Happy Friday Eve…already!

We’re going to CANADA!  Well, sort of!  A map of Canada has been completed and we will be looking into the itinerary shortly.

Block 1:  Test was today!  Two things to complete for tomorrow:  1.  Expert Group Reflection and 2. Canada map.

Block 2,3,4,and 5;  You are AWESOME!  Test grades were INCREDIBLE and you worked so hard today!  No homework!

NO JOKE….We will have a Unit 5 and Unit 10 test next Friday!  Standards will be given today so you can take a peek ahead!

Tomorrow is last day for Olympic t-shirts $7

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Test prep and other marvelous things

Test Review Unit 8 and 9:



Block 1:  The Academy Award goes to…all of our fine actors in “Deep in Debt”…..Well done!  Test is on Thursday!

Block 2,3,4,and 5:  Test tomorrow!  Review with your unit standards and the Kahoot!

Extra?  Our next unit is Canada….What year did Canada gains its independence and from whom?  Print out the blog, answer, and have a parent sign.

Olympic Shirts $7 until Friday.

Be sure to register for the Durham 5k….it will be run this year in Mrs. Howard’s memory.

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A new week, a new beginning…..

Block 1:  Complete the Economic Systems of Latin America-NAME THAT TUNE.  See below for the virtual xylophone link.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to change the answer choices for #7 and #10 to G, H, I, J (not A,B,C,D) Also, complete the quizlet of economic vocabulary terms.  Unit 8 and 9 Test is on Thursday.  “Deep in Debt” presentation tomorrow!

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Name that Tune!  Use this link to check your answers.  Virtual Xylophone  Test on Wednesday-Unit  8 and 9!


Olympic shirts $7 on sale until Friday!

Dinner Dilemma due #12 on Thursday!

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Happy Weekend!

Block 1:  Students completed notes and a checklist on comparing countries in Latin America.  Students also were given a current event on a country-Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba.  Directions are at the end of the power point (see Synergy COMPARING GOVERNMENTS). Check Synergy Latin America Jigsaw” for the power point if you need to complete the notes.    Unit 8 and Unit 9 test in on March 24th.  SPECIAL NOTE:  We will be doing the “Deeper in Debt” play on Tuesday.  If you have a part, please be familiar with your lines, etc.  You do not need to memorize-but be prepared!  

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Complete the Twitter assignment we started in class.  You will need to see me Monday for the text to use for the assignment.  This is due Monday.  Unit 8 and Unit 9 test is on March 23.

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Happy Friday Eve!

Whew what a week!  The Weekly Warm-Up Wizard #6 is due tomorrow!  CHECK YOUR ANSWERS!  

Block 1:  Students took the Unit 7 test today.  Map skills and vocabulary activities were completed afterwards.  Those are due tomorrow!!

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Students had an opportunity to look at the governments of Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba.  There will be a Unit 8 and Unit 9 test on March 23.  

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Do you know what day it is?

Block 1:It is Show What You Know Eve!  Look on Friday’s blog for a review game or two.  On Monday’s blog is a little extra something to add to your test!  Test is tomorrow….may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Block 2,3, 4, and 5:  Today was a vocab review day as we prepare for Unit 8 or 9.  Map Skills activity is due tomorrow.

Olympic t-shirts on sale this week $7 – Support your country!

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