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A new week, a new beginning…..

on March 21, 2016

Block 1:  Complete the Economic Systems of Latin America-NAME THAT TUNE.  See below for the virtual xylophone link.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to change the answer choices for #7 and #10 to G, H, I, J (not A,B,C,D) Also, complete the quizlet of economic vocabulary terms.  Unit 8 and 9 Test is on Thursday.  “Deep in Debt” presentation tomorrow!

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  Name that Tune!  Use this link to check your answers.  Virtual Xylophone  Test on Wednesday-Unit  8 and 9!


Olympic shirts $7 on sale until Friday!

Dinner Dilemma due #12 on Thursday!

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