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It’s Friday!

Block 1:  We are working on our projects and you may have individual tasks to do.  Be prepared for class and to work with your group-don’t stress and

Block 2, 3, 4, and 5:  I love that we are looking more about the Aztec life.  We have looked at Document B-2 (a and b).  Complete the analysis sheet for the documents we have worked in class.

Enjoy your weekend! 


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Happy Friday Eve!

Block 1:  Literary Luminaries-tomorrow you will lead a mini book talk on connecting the novel and standards.

Block 2,3, 4, and 5:  We are working through Document B of the Aztec DBQ.

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All Tributes from ALL Districts

Block 1:  The Pathfinder for your research is here!  6th SS Hunger Games District Project

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Today we looked at the expansion of the Aztec Empire.  You received a document analysis sheet and we looked at Doc. A.  e will continue the analysis tomorrow.  No homework.

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The final weeks begin….

Block 1- The Connectors and Inquisitors did an AMAZING job today!  Our RESEARCHERS will be in charge tomorrow.  Tonight they will evaluate the research resources to better direct your research time tomorrow.  We will be in the Media Center computer lab tomorrow.

Block 2,3,4,and 5:  We set the stage for the time of he Aztecs with our backgorund essay.  Finish the organizer if you have not already.

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Happy Friday

Block 1:  ALL District Tributes have received a novel for check out today.  Each student is to come to class on Monday with one selection chosen that is a match to the topic of your district.  The CONNECTOR and INQUISITOR will lead your class on Monday.  Their work is going to be the launching pad for the research you start on Tuesday!  Connector-read the standards for your district carefully-choose the Key Elements/Theme you think is important to share and connect.  INQUISITOR-read the standards and begin formulating the questions that your other Tributes can research.  You are the literal interpretation of the standards.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Today, each student was able to begin a mind shift in the way we remember the Aztecs.  You received a DBQ packet that we will be using the rest of the unit.  Absent, come see me for the handout!  No homework.

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Back to our “NORMAL”

Block 1-Hope the odds were in your favor today!  The districts were established and Tributes chose their role for the Hunger Games project.

Blocks 2,3,4,and 5-We got “sorted” on our Aztec DBQ and students worked for points to go towards their House points.  Finish your Montezuma questions if not finished in class.

ANYONE ABSENT ON WEDNESDAY-THERE IS AN ASSIGNMENT YOU NEED TO PICK UP!  Not one came to see me regarding missed work…just sayin’ friends.

Have a great night and Happy Friday Eve!

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Breathe, Relax, and Enjoy

They have saved the best for last!  I know you  are well prepared for the test!  Remember to annotate and think about the questions carefully!  You have studied the tapes, you know the strategies to use against whatever play they use!  Be proud of everything you have learned….show it off GeoBees!

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History review

Day 1 of testing…done!

Met with Blocks 3, 1, and 4 today.  We reviewed the history kahoots go back to my blog for links or visit Mrs. Mulholland’s blog).  This just in…you can go to Mrs. Wishon’s blig and all the links are posted together!

Have a restful night and sharpen those pencils and eat a good breakfast!

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Happy Milestone Eve!

We will have a modified schedule during the testing-be sure to keep updated on when each class in what day!  Today we worked on geography review!  Next time we meet will be history-you will need your device!  The WWW#9 is due Friday!

Eat a good breakfast each day-proteins are good!

May the erasures be with you!

Europe Latin America Political Geography Sheppard Instructions

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So many smiles!

It was so glad to see so many restful friends today!  We will be doing some review days prior to the Milestones (they save the best for last)….there is no homework BUT-you may look over the unit standards as we review if there are things that make you go “hmmmmm….”!

Be sure to listen to homeroom announcements regarding what you are able to bring into the testing area.  2-#2 pencils (no mechanical) ONLY.  Cell phones, back packs and books are NOT allowed in the testing area.

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