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The night before the night before…..

Wow!  That sure got here fast!  Tomorrow-bring in any missing assignments-last call!, pen/pencil, and lunch.  We will have what you will need!


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Happy Friday Eve!

Block 1:  Complete Document E online (please see earlier post for link).  If you can’t get the log on to work, do the analysis on the paper copy you have.  You will be turning int he Document Analysis sheet tomorrow.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Create a Country is due Monday!

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Next to last Wednesday in 6th grade….

Locker clean out today!  You are to bring your agenda binder each day to all classes until the end of the year.  You may keep materials in that for most classes unless told other wise by a teacher.  LOCKERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

Blocks 1:  We have completed the Hunger Games parallel presentations today.  Your presentation skills have improved so much since the first of the year…next step-enriching the content!  You will need to bring the DBQ packets to class.

Blocks 2,3,4, and 5:  We will work on the create a country packet tomorrow.  The final of that is due on Monday but you may turn in early if finished.  Thursday will be our last day to work on that in class.

Congratulations to all our Olympians…it has been a great week!  

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Olympic Week…Day 2

Block 1:  District 1 will share tomorrow and we will continue our document analysis of Document B1 tomorrow as well.  The Aztecs will carry us through the end of the year.

Block 2,3, and 4:  Museum Day today!  I hope that you enjoyed reading the guest’s comments as they visited your museum!  We will continue our Create a Country activity tomorrow.

Block 5;  Museum Day will be tomorrow!

ALL Social Studies classes will conduct locker clean out tomorrow.  Bring bags to carry things home.  Lockers will no longer be available after Wednesday!  

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Opening Day is HERE!

One of the best days as a Wildcat…the excitement of Olympics and of Opening Day!  Good luck to all and remember your spirit and sportsmanship!

Block 1:  Congratulations!  We have been invited to participate in a new product trial by the Cobb County Social Studies Department!  They are testing a new DBQ product online.  Let’s see how this works!  DBQ online  To log on please follow the instructions on this file Handout for students Cobb County  We will do the initial log on at school but feel free to do so ahead…I am counting on you to help work out any “tricks”.  We have two more districts to hear from….District 4 tomorrow and then District 1 on Wednesday!

Blocks 2,3,4, and 5:  We will begin the Create your own Country activity…it is what you have been training for all year!

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Happy Friday Eve!

Block 1:  The Montezuma background article and question is your homework.  We will begin an Aztec DBQ tomorrow.  We will discuss the question “Should the Aztecs be remembered for human sacrifice or agriculture?”  We have 2 more districts to present-they will do so Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday is Olympic Opening Ceremony and our schedule will be adjusted somewhat. Wear your Canada shirt on Monday and a red bandanna if you have one!

Blocks 2,3,4, and 5:  The Choice Board projects are due tomorrow!  We will have limited lap tops-I LOVE what I have seen already!  So glad that you have enjoyed expressing your creativity!

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You know what day it is….

Block 1:  We are in a groove with our presentations.  Tomorrow we will hear from District 6-their focus will be on the Where we live affects How we live.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Final products for Choice Board will be due on Friday, the 13th!

Calling all Canadians-Remember to wear your Olympic Shirt on Monday-add a festive touch with a red bandanna if you have one!

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Happy last of the double digits!

Block 1:  Our second group presented today.  Please be reminded that you should check your rubric requirements and have written specific criteria that you would like to be evaluated during your presentation.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  Our choice boards are filling up!  All final pieces are due on May 13th.  Be prideful in your work!  Any supplies that you need to complete your work may be brought to school!

Have a great night!  

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2 more Mondays…kinda sad really.

Block 1;  Our Districts have begun to present today.  District 5 did a great job and was so organized and transitions went so smoothly! Be sure to check your rubric carefully and you have fulfilled the elements of both the rubric and your task.  District 3 will share tomorrow!

Block 2,3,4, and 5;  Students continued work on the choice board.  Projects will be due on May 13th (yes, Friday the 13th).  Use your power of choice wisely and manage your time-you should be able to complete the tasks at school.  You may work on at home if there is an element you can’t do at school (the art especially).

Olympic shirts went home today.  Wear those next Monday for Opening Ceremonies!   (and wash frequently next week).  

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Revenge of the Fifth indeed!

I forgot to post a blog yesterday…think I went to the dark side!

Block 1:  District 5 will present on Monday, May 9.  The order is then: 3,2,6,4,1.  There will be no presentations on a Friday.  DISTRICT 4:  Due to Opening Ceremonies we may move you to Wednesday the 18th.

Block 2,3,4, and 5:  We will continue working on our choice board next week.  All elements will be due on May 13th.  If you need any special materials for a final piece, you will need to bring those to school….USE YOUR POWER OF CHOICE FOR GOOD!  Some have asked for the video we watched in class to refer back to…it was awesome!

Homework:  Treat the “moms” in your life extra special this weekend!

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