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You know what day it is….

Students completed Challenge 3 today in the Digital classroom.  There is no homework.

Students retaking the Europe map test should plan on seeing me in homeroom with a COMPLETED remediation packet.

BLOCK 4 retake students…you will take the test on Friday in the classroom.

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Making Connections

Thank you Mrs. Crandall for your visit today and allowing us to learn more about our classmates.  Remember to make connections each day!

Al Blocks-Challenge 1 and 2 are due tomorrow.  We will meet in the Digital Classroom for Challenge 3 tomorrow.

Students taking the map test retake have been given the remediation packet.  If the score was a 75 or below, students are required to retake the test.  For Blocks 1, 2 ,3, and 5:  test retake is Thursday during homeroom and Block 4 students will take the test on Friday during class.

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Monday, Monday…..

Happy Show What You Know Day!

All blocks took the Europe Map test!  Grades are updated in Synergy.  IF you were ABSENT-see me in the morning to make up your test during homeroom.  IF the grade was below a 75-you are required to re-take the test.  I will give you the remediation packet to complete prior to the retake which will be Thursday during homeroom.

Homework will be to complete the Challenge 1 and challenge 2 worksheets given in class…this will be due on Wednesday.

Mrs. Crandall will be visiting our classroom tomorrow….bring your “company is coming” manners!

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Happy Friday!

Let’s review!  Test on Monday!

This link will take you to Sheppard’s Software…oodles of maps but today we will just focus on Europe!  Have fun!

Visit the blog from Wednesday and enjoy the games you can play with the physical features flash cards!

While there, you and your partner can create your country and capital flash cards and play games too!


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Don’t forget it is Picture Day tomorrow.  Bring your money and your best smile!  Even if not buying, you will get your picture taken!

Social Studies classes:  Homework-Make flash cards for country/capital of the 10 on our standards.

BLOCK 4:  Finish your map-label front and back.

Map test on Monday, August 29.  See yesterday’s blog for a quizlet on physical features.

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Happy Wednesday!

We will have our Europe map test on Monday, August 29!  Countries AND capitals as well as physical features will be on the test!  Flash cards work great to help studying countries and capitals.  You need to know where the countries are as well!  BE PREPARED!

BLOCK 4 ONLY!  Special Announcement-we will finish map in class….NO HOMEWORK!

Want to study some more?  Use this quizlet link-

Blocks 1,2,3, and 5: If you had not finished your map in class today…that is your homework!

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Tuesday already!

Ladies and gentleman-Welcome to Europe!  We had a wonderful flight on GeoBee Airlines!  Today our inflight video included a clip of the CNN News and we finished that portion of the Weekly Wizard!  Our itinerary is int he reference section!

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The week is rolling off to a GREAT start!

Blocks 1,2,3, and 5:  Final was turned in and a benchmark set (pre-test).  If you were absent, see me to set up make-up arrangements!

Block 4:  Today we revised our SS paragraph-the final will be due tomorrow.

Have a great night!

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Hello Doctor!  Today students (except Block 4) performed surgery on the rough draft they had written yesterday.  A step be step process was completed to make revisions.  I hope this set the expectation that Social Studies writing is serious business and that the writing process is part of what we do!


Blocks 1,2, 3, and 5;  Final copy due on Monday!  Be sure to check the rubric!

Block 4-finish your rough draft ONLY!  

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A new friend shared a great resource with me that offers OODLES of geography games and links!  Feel free to set yourself loose….I have found some real fun ones!

Happy Friday Eve!

All Blocks (NOT BLOCK 4 THOUGH)-Your ROUGH draft is due tomorrow.  You received the step by step directions for pre-writing and the rough draft.  I have one ready to go as well!

Absent?  See me in the morning for the organizer and complete the History portion of of warm-up!

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