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All you busy GeoBees headed in all directions over Fall Break-bring back your postcard to add to our board!

Be safe and travel well-learn all you can and represent us well!

Those given the chance to do test retakes-the remediation work needs to be completed PRIOR to the retake.  The retake must be done by October 7.

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2 more days!

First, our Unit One test!  You have had an additional resource for your test that you may use during the test itself…yes, it is true!  Bring the extended response handout completed and it is yours to use….signed by a parent is 2 extra points!

Want an additional point?  Print out this blog, answer the question below, and have a parent sign….one point will be added to your test!

What is the “new year” that Jews all over the world will be celebrating with Rosh Hashannah-what year is it on the Jewish calendar?

For those that asked:  temple, church, mosque, founded by Abraham, Torah, founded by Mohammad, Koran (Qu’ran), 10 Commandments, 5 pillars of faith, founded by followers of Jesus, Bible, 1 G-d, Jerusalem important city, sacred text

Even more fun!  Here is the Family Feud game you can play to review!  Unit 1 review

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and then there was three!

All blocks are to complete the map and analysis of Languages in Europe.  The packet and the questions are WONDERFUL study helpers (wink wink).  Remember you are allowed to bring the COMPLETED test prep sheet to help with your test.

The Unit 1 test is on Thursday!

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Count down to break already! 4 more to go!

and those will be a busy 4 days!  Today students began a study of the Languages of Europe.  We looked at our unit standards to guide our focus.  REMEMBER:  our unit standards serve as our study guide!  The test will be on Thursday over Unit 1 (no maps-already did that).  Environment, comparing countries, languages, religions, and the relationship between literacy rate and standard of living will be covered on the test.

No homework tonight EXCEPT to study for the test.  You have the extended response prep paper from Friday.  Work on that as well!

Have a great night!

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Happy Friday friends!

All blocks celebrated Constitution Day!  We had our minds blown that the founding fathers were so smart…..they predicted what GeoBees would be considered with 229 years later!  AMAZING!

In preparation for the Unit One test on Thursday, students were given an extended response prep worksheet.  This can be used for the test… on test day…during the test AND can be used for bonus points!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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Friday Eve!

Tomorrow we celebrate Constitution Day… you know what year it was official?  Print this blog out, write the year the Constitution was ratified, and get a parent to sign.  Bring to me tomorrow for a treat!

Blocks 1, 2, and 3:  If not finished in class today-you will need to complete the summary of the article you read in class.  Less is more for a summary-3 to 5 sentences should do it!

Block 4:  Groups A and B-finish your summary Group C-finish your bumper sticker

Block 5:  Rube Goldberg invention is due tomorrow!

ALL BLOCKS:  Test is September 22 over Unit 1.  Use your unit standards to help you study-what lessons go with each and look at the key words.

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I’m back!

Missed everyone yesterday and was very proud of your character while I was out!

Block 1, 2, 3, and 4:  The bumper sticker and paragraph is due in class on Thursday.  We will not have time in class to work on!  Today, we practiced annotation and think marks….from this day forward-you are on your own!  I have given you a text packet-this is not homework but is a great study resource!

Block 5-Today we began our Rube Goldberg solution to environmental concerns in Europe!  We will work on tomorrow and the final will be due on Friday.

ALL CLASSES:  Unit 1 test is on Thursday, September 22

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Where’s Mrs. Bitler?

I missed you today but know that it gives me an opportunity to have others see how wonderful you are!  Can’t wait to read the notes of your wonderful Wildcat Ways when we have a sub….right?!?!

ALL BLOCKS-There will be a Discovery Ticket tomorrow over the environmental issues of Europe tomorrow-read over the notes tonight!  This will be averaged with the physical geography Discovery Ticket and entered into the gradebook!

Blocks 1-4:  Notes completed and bumper sticker almost finished…..the final piece will be due on Thursday…..READ THE RUBRIC!

Block 5:  Enviro notes completed and highlighting text to be finished up for homework (due tomorrow)

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Back at it….closer to show what you know!

Today students began a study of environmental issues in Europe.  Today we took notes on the causes, effects and solutions of acid rain in Germany.  We also annotated our unit standards to see what is the expectation for the test that will be on September 22.

No homework but it is always a good idea to look over notes in preparation for the test!

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FRIDAY dance!

ALL BLOCKS:  We will have a Unit 1 test on September 22.  There is still material to cover-we are only half way there BUT it is never too early to start reviewing for the test.

ALL students have been encouraged a primary document interview with a family member or family friend in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001.  This is not a homework assignment as I will not collect the document.  It is an opportunity to preserve the experiences for future generations.

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