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2 more days!

on September 21, 2016

First, our Unit One test!  You have had an additional resource for your test that you may use during the test itself…yes, it is true!  Bring the extended response handout completed and it is yours to use….signed by a parent is 2 extra points!

Want an additional point?  Print out this blog, answer the question below, and have a parent sign….one point will be added to your test!

What is the “new year” that Jews all over the world will be celebrating with Rosh Hashannah-what year is it on the Jewish calendar?

For those that asked:  temple, church, mosque, founded by Abraham, Torah, founded by Mohammad, Koran (Qu’ran), 10 Commandments, 5 pillars of faith, founded by followers of Jesus, Bible, 1 G-d, Jerusalem important city, sacred text

Even more fun!  Here is the Family Feud game you can play to review!  Unit 1 review

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