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I am back and was so happy to see your faces!

All blocks watched the October 28th episode of CNN News for Kids and completed Warm-up #6.

We also began our Treaty of Versailles DBQ.  If absent come see Monday DURING homeroom to get your make-up work.

There is no homework.

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One Day More….

Hi friends….was out today to be a student!  It was a great in-service-can’t wait to share what I learned with you!

Today was Show What You Know Day!  I can’t wait to see how you did!  After the test, you looked at “Waiting for War”, follow the directions!

Looks like it may be a sick day for me on Thursday!  I have missed you this week!  BEE the best always!

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I’m back!

Tomorrow you get to show what you know!  Today was “Game Day” -various review activities were done!  Use them well!

Extra Credit?  Of course!  One of the opportunities was to watch the Brain Pop video on British Empire and complete the quiz.  All must be correct (okay I will give you one missed).  This is good for one extra point!  Want another?  Here is a tricky many electoral votes will the candidate need to win the office of President?  Research. Print out this blog.  Write the number. Have parent sign.  Turn in with test.

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Sometimes you win..sometimes you lose.

Hey kiddos!  The Flu Bug has won a hard fought battle I am afraid.  I will not be with you tomorrow and have moved the test to Wednesday so we can do a review together on Tuesday  “Bee” kind and show the sub how awesome you are!

Test on Wednesday, October 25th!

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Happy Friday!

I know you have LOVED getting out early but I am ready to get back to spending more time with you!

TEST on TUESDAY!  Here is a little something to help you study!  jeopardy-unit-2-review  You may need to install the SMART reader to access.

Homework:  Complete the political cartoon “The World’s Plunderers” -DO NOT DO WAITING FOR WAR

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Happy Friday Eve!

This has been a long fast week!

Blocks 1-4:  Complete your fish graphic organizer.  Remember that I have told you this is where your essay question will come from.  EXPLAIN the impact!  Use the fish and pick 3-5 important facts from the entire fish to discuss.  Highlight those-practice wiring a paragraph!  The test is on Oct. 25th.  Your reference sheet is your study guide!

Block 5:  Thanks for being so flexible!  2 voice poems were due today.  We also created the empire colony map in class and began our fish organizer.  This is not homework.

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The week is passing by….

Block 1:  No homework

Block 2:  Complete the 1st paragraph of the fish organizer

Block 3:  No homework

Blocks 4:  Paragraph 2 on the fish organizer

Block 5:  2 voice poems are due tomorrow.  You will have 10 minutes to practice with your partner to practice.  The political cartoon won’t load…I will put that up during agenda time so you can finish the analysis.

ALL CLASSES:  Unit 2 Part A test is on October 25

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Day 2 of speed learning!

Blocks 1, 2, 3, and 4;  We analyzed a political cartoon addressing the Scramble for Africa.  We annotated our Unit 2 standards and now have a completed study guide for our Unit 2 Part A test on October 25.  We will continue the Scramble tomorrow.

Block 5;  We are working on our 2 voice poem.  The final will be due on Thursday and we will have 1/2 of class tomorrow to finish the rough draft if needed and to practice with our partner.

Have a wonderful night!

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It’s Conference Week!

Remember that classes are shortened this week with dismissal at 2:15.

Blocks 1,2, 3, and 4:  Your poem final is due tomorrow!  Finish what you had not done in class…hope you used our time wisely!

Block 5:  We began our 2 voice poem today.  You should complete the research you need to write from your perspective.  The final will be due on Thursday and we will perform starting that day.

Next week is Red Ribbon week.

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Happy Friday before Conference Week!

Next week will be conference week which means a shortened schedule!  Dismissal is at 2:15.

Today all blocks completed the Australia colonization notes-we will be creating our poems on Monday!  No homework!

Unit 2 Part 1 test is on Oct. 25th.  It is NEVER too soon to start studying!

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