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Amazing Day!

I am so proud of how hard you worked today.  Mrs. Baker was so impressed with your work ethic and historical thinking.

We studied Nazi propaganda and how it was used to create support for the Nazi Party and Hitler’s rise to power.


Test over Unit 2B on December 8!  Are you studying?

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Rainy Day and Tuesday!

No homework other than study for the test on Dec. 8th.

Today we studied Holocaust Resistance-you now have the precious gift of a witness story.  Share it well and share it often

Block 5:  Hitler’s rise to Power is due tomorrow!

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Welcome Back!

So glad to see you all!

Blocks 1-4:  We completed the Rise of Nazism activities today-you should be ready to “respond” to a question about describing Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.  The Unit 2B test will be on Dec. 8!  STUDY!

Block 5:  We were in the computer lab to complete our web quest-this will be due on Wednesday.  It is homework if you do not finish.  For this evening-watch the video How did Hitler rise to power? and answer the 7 “THINK” questions on your own paper (the link is on the right hand side) You will write the question and your answer in full (Not just the letter) In case the link doesn’t work here is the complete link

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It’s TURKEY time!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful break.  Take the time to really be thankful for the wonderful gifts we have each day!

TEST in Dec. 8th-Unit 2 Part B

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Happy Thursday!

Friday Eve of our break!  WOO HOO!

Blocks 1-4:  No homework!  We began an article on the Rise of Nazism that we will complete tommorow.

Block 5:  No homework!  We will meet again in the computer lab tomorrow to work on our webquest.  The link is here.

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Speed Dating….Meet the Russians.

Today in Blocks 1,2,3, and 4, students role played various key people of the Russian Revolution-they shared the information in a 3 minute speed dating round before moving to the next person.  Heard some really great Russian accents!  Way to get into your part!

Block 5:  Students evaluated the Red and White Army to determine which would be better equipped for the Civil War in Russia.  Sorry friends…the power point slide won’t load-need to finish your paragraph?  The directions are-

Which of the two armies did you think was the best qualified to win the Russian Civil War?  Write a paragraph to defend your answer-include 3 specific examples from the evaluation you did today and 1 comparison to the other army.  Use people’ names when appropriate as well as content vocabulary.

Progress reports go home tomorrow-are you ready?

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At least the dog made it!

Today students learned the sad ending to the Romanov family…but at least the dog lived!

We continued on with the Russian Revolution notes. No homework.

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Today we looked at the lives of the citizens in Russia during the reign of Nicholas II…..don’t you wish you had been on his Easter gift list?  Several of you were interested in seeing more of the eggs and palace….this is the link.

No homework!  Have a great night and breathe safely!

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Thank you to our Veterans

Hug a Vet today and thank them for their service to our country!

All blocks took a 5 question assessment and completed an activity based on their level of understanding of the Russian Revolution.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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What was happening during the Treaty of Versailles negotiations?  So glad you asked!  Today we began  study of the Russian Revolution!  Students compared primary sources of life in Imperial Russia as well as read background information.

HOMEWORK;  Finish reading the background article.  Look for key events and causes of revolution.  There will be a 5 question Discovery ticket quiz over this material TOMORROW.  Your score will determine your activity for the day.

We will also take a moment to honor our Veterans!  Thank you to those who have served and are serving currently to protect the freedoms we have!

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