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It’s Here!

Have a safe and joyful break!  Enjoy the time off and make wonderful memories….make good choices!

See you next year!

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Happy Break Eve!

Reminders:  Bring a canned drink tomorrow for the Xmas Party!

Only parents that have sent in notification to volunteer are able to attend the party!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Any treats you said you would bring…due tomorrow!

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and almost break

BUT we still have work to do….lots of zeroes going into the grade book tonight….You should have questions 1-12 answered in your packet AND  on the front of the packet.  Two assignments were turned in today.  We worked on the Presidential and Parliamentary section today.

I will update grades for the Unit test this eve….check Synergy later!

Homework: Is there anything you need to catch up on?

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Get ‘er Done!

Today’s topic was the distribution of power in government.  We talked about how jobs are done within various government systems.

Block 1,2,3, and 4:  Illustration of the task at hand.  We will work on this Friday after the test….final is due on Monday, December 19.  Questions 1-3 should also be completed.

Block 5:  Metaphorically Speaking-what do the various power of distribution remind you of?  Due Monday, December 19.

Unit 3 vocabulary test is on Friday!  Use the resources from yesterday to help you study!

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It’s WORD PLAY Tuesday!

Group A:  KAHOOT! Follow this link for the Kahoot game!  After the Kahootis finished, you and your partner will do the challenge puzzle

Group B:  QUIZIZZ!  Follow this link for your Quizizz game (game code 215716)!  After your group finishes, follow the Kahoot link above!

Group C:  QUIZLET!  Follow this link for your quizlet!  After you finish the quizlet, follow the Quizizz link above!

Unit 3 vocabulary test is on Friday!


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May be raining outside….

but it was bright and sunny inside!

All blocks:

-Students have warm-up #10 that will be due on Friday

-We cleaned out binders today!

-We took a 4 question POP quiz on the video that was assigned over the weekend!

-We drew the images for unicameral to regional authority

-We were tired!

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Happy Weekend!

Unit 2 History Parts A and B…done!  Now for European government!  Unit Three, here we come!

Homework:  To get ready for our next unit-please watch the School House Rock video about the three branches of government!  There may be something that “POPS” up on Monday!

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Jack Frost may be nipping at our noses but our brains are SMOKIN’

Unit 2 Part B test tomorrow!  Today in class we worked on a review quizizz game (email me for the code) and a review packet.

GO to Tuesday’s blog for a quizlet link for review.

Want more practice?  Fingers crossed that this works!  READ the instructions below:

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 678584 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

Bonus on the test?  Of course-for 2 points answer the following:

  1.  When will President elect Trump become the President officially?
  2. What number president will he be?
  3. When will his inauguration be?

Print out the blog, answer the questions,  and have a parent sign for bonus points to be added to your test.

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Wednesday already!

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  We will move the test until Friday, December 9.

Vocabulary Expansion is due on December 12

We have worked in all our centers now.  Some may not be complete but that is okay.



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I’m back!

Sure did miss your smiles!

All blocks:  Today we completed the activities for Center 1!  Didn’t finish?  That is your homework tonight!

DBQ:  Was the Cold War avoidable?  Answer in 2-3 sentences at the bottom of your Center 1 answer sheet.

Test on Thursday!  This will cover Unit 2 Part B.  Use your notes, lessons, and warm-ups to help study.

BONUS visit!  Enjoy this quizlet

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