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The test is closer than you think…

We are nearing the end of our economic study of Europe and our time in the region.  Next stop is Canada!  There is one more thing we need to take care of-our Unit 4 test.

Today students completed notes on the economy of United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.  Students then received a test practice sheet-we are looking at scenarios this time-LOTS of deep thinking on this time!

For the test:

-Start with the unit standards-what do you need to know AND what lessons will help you with that?

-Organize the materials by standard if not already done so.  You should ALWAYS work on on piece at a time.  Use the standard as your guide-not a worksheet!

Quizizz and Quizlet are available for this unit too….look back in the blog for those!

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It is Friday…..

All blocks completed Warm-Up #12 today-this has been turned in.

Blocks 1-4:  Natural, physical, and human resources activity.  Homework:  finish questions 15-25 in your economic packet.  We had time to work on today in class.

Block 5:  Completed work on the World Food Court menu.  Perhaps you can see how currency can be considered a trade barrier!

TEST on Feb. 2.  Unit 4 economics.

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It is Friday Eve!

Tomorrow-we will complete the last section of the weekly warm-up…CNN News for kids.  All other sections should be completed by now!..

Our test is on Thursday 02.02-use your Unit 4 standards as your guide and the lessons to give the details!

The link to QUIZIZZ link has been updated:

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 999190 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

  •  REMEMBER the test will also have scenarios that will have various economic factors for you to identify-the ECONOMIC TEXT will help you with that portion on the test!

Blocks 1-4:  today we worked on the World Food Court menu….perhaps you can see why there is a system for trade.

Block 5-Congratulations to those that made Honor Roll….we missed you in class.  HOMEWORK:  Questions 15-25 in the Economic packet-due on Friday.


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J’ai tres faim (I am very hungry)

Today’s “visit” to the World Food Court made me so hungry!

Our task:  order the food you and your partner would like to have to experience cuisine from around the world.  Convert their money into our money….THEN revise your menu to meet our budget of $10 per partner.  We then began creating a menu that truly was a WORLD Food Court-we take all kinds of money!  You will continue to work on your menu in class tomorrow.  COLOR PENCILS NEEDED! Remember, I don’t have those for you anymore!

TEST on Feb 2.  Unit 4-Economics of Europe.

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I’m back…and here is where I will be!

Today we talked MONEY!  Students read and answered questions on the topic in the ECONOMIC text pg. 151)

Warm-Up #12 was distributed and is due on Friday.

Blocks 1-4 TRADE BARRIER POSTER IS DUE tomorrow!

Block 5 ORANGE GROWERS scenario/paragraph due tomorrow.

TEST Unit 4 on February 2!

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New beginnings

As the note I left for you today said…I was sharing the Wildcat Way today and missed you terribly!  I hope that you had a good day!

All classes were introduced to trade barriers and when and ho they are used.

Homework:  Complete the questions 9-11 in the “text book” and the trade vocabulary poster is due on Wednesday!

I will see you tomorrow!

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Friday Eve!

Today students did a quick Economy review, answered questions 1-5 and 20-22 in the economic textbook and created an ECONOMY poem.  The poem is due on Monday.  Be sure you follow the guidelines that were provided in class.  I will do a vocabulary terms check TOMORROW!

See the Tuesday blog for a review of vocab terms!  We will have the Unit 4 test on Feb. 2.

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Wednesday already…wow!

We are moving through our economic terms and concepts.  Today we completed the Economic Workshop Notes…tomorrow we will be writing poetry about economics!  We watched a video on Supply and Demand and also on the Economic continuum.

The terms will be checked for completion on Friday.  The power point is on yesterday’s blog.

Here are two review games for the economic terms:

QUIZZEZ-1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 760605 , and click “Proceed”



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Money, Money, Money!

We are diving into our new unit by building a vocabulary foundation.  Students watched a video about basic economic systems and completed a KWL organizer.  After the video, vocabulary terms were introduced and definitions recorded on the graphic organizer.  Didn’t finish?  Absent? Economics Vocabulary-1f34w34 That’s okay-here is the power point link for you to do so now!  The organizer is here too.  Economics Vocab organizer blank-rnf3d2


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Good-bye 3 and hello 4!

Students watched the CNN News for Kids (o1.11) edition and completed the section on the weekly warm-up.

Answers for the Unit 3 packet entered into i-respond.  This is the Unit 3 test grade.  Synergy has been updated.

We began Unit 4 today-be sure to get the new unit standards and handout if you were absent.

Have a safe weekend!  In honor of MLK Day-go do something kind!

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