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Good-bye February and Hola Latin America!

Today we:

Checked the Latin America map (test on Friday)

Emptied our Unit of Study (Latin America map and video notes remain)

Unit 6 standards (test on March 16)

Did a “fly over’ of Latin America!


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Welcome Back Friends!

It was wonderful to see your smiling faces today!    We said Au revoir to Europe and Canada and Hola to Latin America.

The Europe Touchstone was given today as a data check.  The Latin America map was began afterwards.  If you did not finish the map-that should be done as homework.  There is a Latin America map test on Friday (March 3).  

Preview for tomorrow (thanks for stopping by)

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Where do you stand?

Blocks 1-4:  today you took an Admit One quiz over the Quebec issue.  You also voted via Edmodo.  The code for the poll was given in class for you to do from home if you did not have your devise.  Don’t have Edmodo?  Can’t get on?    Follow the link to post your answer.  Vote yes or no and give your reason!  padlet  Posting an answer on Edmodo or Padlet will earn you an extra point on the test tomorrow.

See Monday for review games on the blog.

Block 5: Tomorrow groups 4 and 6 will present

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Missed You

Hope everyone had a great time today…we did miss you!

Blocks 1-4:  You have the article and question regarding the issue of Quebec’s separation from Canada.  BE PREPARED…you have been given a  glimpse into your future-you need to have the information completed to set up for success tomorrow!

Test on Friday over Unit 5.  See Monday’s blog for a few study helpers!  This week’s warm-up will help too!

Block 5:  Groups 3 and 5 will share tomorrow!


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To my Valentines….all of you!

You bring me more love each day than you know!  Thank you!  Now for the real reason you are here…..

Blocks 1-4:  Today we looked at Historical Highlights of Canada (packet and graphic organizer).  Students attending the ASO field trip received the assignment they will miss tomorrow-it is due on Thursday.

TEST over Unit 5 is on Friday.  Yesterday’s blog has some review games you may find useful!

Block 5- Groups 1 and 2 presented.  3 and 5 will go on Thursday and 4 and 6 will go on Friday!

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5 days til break!

Happy Monday friends!

Blocks 1-4:  Finish the packet we had in class today.  This is a classwork grade.  The flip book was turned in today….

Block 5:  We met in the Media Center to work on our presentations.  Groups 1 and 2 will go tomorrow!

Warm-Up #15 is due on Friday.

UNIT 5 test will be on Friday-use the standards to help you study as well as this week’s warm-up.

1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code 429745 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!

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Hello Weekend!

All students took the Canada map test today.  Please stop by Synergy Sunday evening for updated grades!

Block 1-4:  Excited to see the final publications of your flip book!  Several have already turned in.  Due Monday, redeemable contract will be assigned if not turned in at that time.

Block 5:  Groups had research time and meeting time today.  You may need to complete some research or begin your part of the presentation.  We will meet in the Media Center on Monday!  Groups 1 and 2-you will present on Tuesday!

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Show What You Know !

All classes will take the Canada map test tomorrow!

Blocks 1-4:  The flip book will be due at the end of class tomorrow-use your time wisely tonight!  Avoid homework over the weekend!

Block 5:  Use time wisely and complete any research at home.

2 points for the test?  Who are the current Prime Minister and Governor General of Canada?  Print this page, have signed by a parent and turn in with the test.

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Rainy Daze!

Blocks 1-4:  Environmental Quiz tomorrow.  10 questions covering the information from class today and the web quest (videos included).  We will continue to work on the research and begin the flip book tomorrow.  You will need your color pencils for the book

Block 5:  We began our Why There? project today.  You did a map, read an article, found out your group, and your topic.  Research begins tomorrow.  I collected the Greece position paragraph as well!  Busy day!

Canada map test on 02.07-identify where the provinces are, the capitals, and the physical features.

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Happy new Week! Monday!

Warm-Up #14 will be due on Friday!

You will use the following link to complete the web quest of Environmental Issues of Canada.  Visit each link and answer the questions found on the handout in complete thoughts.  REMEMBER:  Do NOT start a sentence with a pronoun until the noun has been established!

Environmental Issues of Canada Blendspace

Blocks 1-4: HOMEWORK:  Due to technical issues-you will need to watch the two videos at home found on the site!  We watched the “fracking” video together in class.  These are the Great Lakes Clean-up video and the Deforestation video.  The link is below if you need to cut and paste in the address bar.

Block 5:  Cast your vote-Should Greece’s huge debt be forgiven?  Follow this link-

Finish your position statement-due on Tuesday

ALL BLOCKS:  Map test on 02.10 (Friday)



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