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One Day more…..

Students attended the ILLA Conference today (Independence Leaders of Latin America) and met fellow independence leaders.  The “Who Am I?” organizer was completed.

Homework:  Does your GROUP need to respond to the padlet?  Do YOU need to respond?  Please see yesterday’s blog for the link.

If you will be out tomorrow-safe travels!

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Things we learned:

  1. Decline a “meeting” with an European Empire
  2. NEVER cross a mountain range in the winter without proper supplies

HOMEWORK:  Find your class padlet below and post your cause for revolution.  Be sure to include your name with your cause.  Remember we are looking for general cause NOT specific to the revolution we fought.  I have included an example on your class padlet.  FINISH YOUR RESEARCH!

Block 1:  See yesterday’s blog

Block 2:

Block 3: (new link-hopefully will work)

Block 4:

Block 5: (Find 5 more pieces of information to add to your graphic organizer)

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Happy Tuesday……

Talk of revolution was heavy in the air today!

All classes went over the Unit 7 standards so far….even brainstormed causes of revolution.

No homework.  Absent?  Remember that you are no longer at the academic level of just picking up a worksheet on days you missed.  You may need to make arrangements to get notes, etc.  Please check with your teachers (as is the case for today-Latin America Independence notes, standards annotation).


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Padlet…..What is a “symptom” of revolution?  Use the padlet link to brainstorm your ideas.

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Spring Break Countdown! 1 down and 4 to go!

Students completed the Inca/Aztec expert activity.

Students began a study of the Colombian Exchange.

Homework;  The BrainPop Quiz attached to your notes.  Due on Tuesday

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Happy Friday!

THANK YOU my dear GeoBees for going with the flow today as our “friend” technology was having a temper tantrum!

There is no homework!

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I wonder what will happen in 300 years after? The suspense!

We completed the Aztec and Inca Historical Snapshot notes.  Students have been assigned either the Aztec or Inca Empires on which to become an expert!  This will be continued tomorrow.

Warm-Up #19 will be due tomorrow.  This is a daily activity-there should be 4 of the 5 boxes complete by Thursday.  We will complete the CNN section tomorrow!

Last day for Olympic shirts to be purchased is TOMORROW!  $7 in school store

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Happy week sadly almost over day!

All classes learned of the Aztec end and met the Incas…

HOMEWORK:  Complete the 3-2-1 summary (depending on where your class ended either on Incas or Aztecs)

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History’s Mystery

What happened to the Maya Empire?  Historians will never know-but using historical thinking we have a pretty good idea of who they were, accomplishments, and theories!

All blocks:  Complete any portion of the Secondary source analysis worksheet you need to finish.  This will be due on Wednesday.  We also began our notes on the Aztecs.

Good luck to my Orchestra friends at their concert this eve.

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