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Happy Weekend!

Today we experienced a bit of Brazilian culture and environmental impact.

There will be Unit 8 and 9 test next Friday.

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Game Day!

Today classes participated in the Think-Tac-Toe activities.  Students that had not finished or had not followed the directions were allowed to finish or make corrections in class.

No homework!

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and DONE!

Blocks 3, 2, and 4:  We worked on our Think-Tac-Toe today-all activities are due tomorrow at the BEGINNING of class.  We will share the games you created tomorrow!

ALL BLOCKS-Think-TAC-TOE due tomorrow.

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DAY 4…one day more!

Blocks 3, 1, and 5:  Think-Tac-Toe is due on Wednesday.  Today was our last day to work on this.

Blocks 2 and 4:  We will work on this assignment tomorrow during class. BLOCK 4: The A/B Honor roll party will be during your class time.  Your assignment will still be due on Wednesday at the start of class.

Tomorrow is our last day of testing…May the pencils stay sharp!

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Happy Friday Friends!

Kinda nice to be back to “normal” for today….Monday is Math Milestones (bring your own calculator)

All blocks entered answers to the Latin America government packet into i-respond (grades are updated).  IF ABSENT, please enter those during class on Monday/Tuesday.

All classes also began a THINK-TAC-TOE activity with our Unit 8 vocabulary.  Directions will be given to you in class on Monday/Tuesday.

Have a restful weekend!

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Day 1…done!

Blocks 3, 1, and 5:  We began Unit 8-Government Systems of Latin America today with a review of vocabulary.  You and your partner read the selection and answered the questions as you read (1-18).  NOTE:  Those will be put into i-respond on Friday for a grade.  We also played with a vocabulary brain puzzler.

Blocks 2 and 4:  see you tomorrow!  Your map skills are due!

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Milestones Eve!

Deep breath friends…you got this!

We took the Unit 7 test today. Those that were absent will need to make arrangements to make it up!  Grades are in Synergy!

Homework:  complete the map skills activity you began after the test.

Tomorrow you will have Blocks 3, 1, and 5.

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It’s Milestones Week

Hello friends!

All students worked on a study guide organizer today!  There is a quizlet linked on my Friday blog for your convenience.

Extra credit was given in class as well.  For an additional bonus-feel free to try out your luck with this dandy….Unit 7 test hollywood squares-217w8rc

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Happy First Home Game Day!

Go Braves!

Homework:  complete the final draft of your Zapatista paragraph.  This is due Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Test on April 18 over Unit 7!


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Take me out to the ballgame….

Tomorrow is our Braves Pep Rally….wear your Spirit Wear.  You may wear Braves hats but no wogs or face paint.  It is also the last day to bring in canned foods.

All blocks-You did an AWESOME job today!  I loved your historical thinking as you tried to figure out what our next topic will be!  No homework!

Test is April 18th.  Unit 7 Latin America History.  Are you ready?

Check back tomorrow for an eager beaver treat!

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