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and down to one more Olympic Day!

Score are so close…wonder who will take home the Sportsmanship Trophy?

All Blocks have now completed the lessons for the Australia content portion of the brochure.  We also did a mini lesson today on the value of annotating text and rubrics! Brochure is due on Monday!

Tomorrow will be our post test.  You can use your unit standards to look over the topics as a refresh.  This is a data collection assessment and will follow you to 7th although not a “grade book” score.

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Second Day Olympic Sizzle…..

Congratulations to all our Wildcat Olympians-great attitudes and sportsmanship shown!

All blocks enjoyed our Australia showcase today presented by Didgeridoo Down Under!  I was very proud of the positive spirit you showed to our guest!

Tomorrow-meet in the Media Center for our BREAKOUT!  You have an article to read and annotate about historical thinking-the content of the breakout BUT remember there may be other clues hidden in the newsletter!

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Au Canada…and Jamaica…and Australia

What an incredible day!  Opening ceremonies and your very first Durham Olympics…a great day to be a Wildcat!

All blocks worked on the Australia brochure today.  Our next day to work on this will be Thursday!

Blocks 1,2,3, and 4:  You did the ECONOMICS section

Block 5:  You worked on the HISTORY portion of the brochure.

All brochures are due on Monday, May 22.  HOMEWORK:  Read and annotate the HISTORICAL THINKING article given in class-due on Wednesday (remember: a clue is hidden somewhere in the articleS)

We have a big week friends!  Tuesday-Our visit from Down Under and Wednesday-Historical Thinking break out!

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Today all classes took the Australia map test!  Students turned in Warm-Up #23 and caught up with this week’s lessons on the geography of Australia.  Next week is full of surprises and we will also work on the economics and government sections!  Final brochure is due on May 22!

Don’t forget to wear your Olympic shirts on Monday!  Bring a hat and a towel for outside….and some sunscreen too!

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Au Canada…..getting closer

G’day friends!  Today we looked at how the geography of Australia affects trade and where people live.  It is the next section in our brochure as well.  Hope you are keeping up with this tour group and we move through the country!  Tomorrow is history!

Friday is the Australia map test and our KETCHUP Day…..

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Olympic Count down!

Opening ceremonies are next Monday…as is the last full week of school.  Time does fly when you are having fun!

Blocks 1,2,3, and 4:  We began our Australia project today.  There is time built in for this to be done at school.  The final project is due May 22.

Block 5.  We will finish our Australia geography notes tomorrow and begin the project for your class then.

Australia map test is on Friday!

Have a great night!

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Olympic Week Countdown!

Warm-Up #23 was given out and the Australia map was checked.

Map test on Friday, May 12th!

Today we watched an introduction video and began geography notes.

If you were absent on Friday and did not make-up the test today you will need to see me about scheduling a time to do so.

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Get ready to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW! May the fourth be with you!

We will have our Unit 8 and 9 test tomorrow.  Important to know-the government structures of Brazil, Mexico, and Cuba.  How is power distributed in each?  Personal freedoms?  Economic systems of Brazil and Cuba.

1 point Extra credit…..Who is the current prime minister of Australia?  1 additional point if you can name the head of state for Australia.  Print out the blog with your answer and have a parent sign to get the credit!

Warm-up #22 will be due tomorrow.  Today we watched the May 3rd edition of CNN News


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Today, we revisited the purpose of NAFTA and looked at current arguments fighting for and fighting against the agreement.  Our focus lso included annotation-it really is a helpful habit!  I promise…no kidding!

Homework:  complete the annotation-questions will be done in class.

Block 5: See you tomorrow!

Test on Friday!  Unit 8 and Unit 9

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Test Day coming up!

We will have a test over Unit 8 and 9 on Friday.  This will cover the government and economics of Latin America.  You have the standards to see what topics specifically that will be covered.

Today in class, we reviewed economic concepts and how they apply to the countries of Brazil and Cuba.  The link you need to check your answer is here:


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