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Happy Halloween Boos and Ghouls

Block 1 and 2-

  1.  Watch the Adolf Hitler video on Brain Pop (accessed through Mackinvia)
  2. Begin Rise of Nazism webquest 

Reminder:  Doc D of the Treaty of Versailles is due Wednesday (tomorrow)

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:

  1. Watch Adolf Hitler video on BrainPop and complete the questions (worksheet)-due today
  2. Rise of Nazism text and organizer-due tomorrow!  Yes, homework if not finished
    1. Reading Purpose:  vocab and steps Hitler took to take power
    2. After reading paragraphs 1-3-write a 7-10 word summary
    3. After reading paragraphs 4-6 write a 7-10 word summary
    4. Complete the three facts to the staircase on the back (each step goes with each paragraph)

Be safe tonight, look both ways, carry a flashlight, and travel in groups!  Any tootsie rolls to get rid of?  I can take them off your hands!


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Today is a great day to have a GREAT day!

Blocks 1 and 2:  We have completed the initial analysis of Documents A-C of our DBQ.  You will complete the Doc D analysis and a Show What You Know grade!  This will be due on Wednesday.  Also, we will meet in the Media Center on Tuesday!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Please complete this survey AFTER completing Doc D.  Must be completed by Thursday.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  We have almost completed the analysis of Docs A-C of our DBQ.  Homework by Block below:

Block 3-Complete document analysis and “say, mean, matter” of document analysis sheet for Document C2 (C1 is the background as well as the Dawes Plan website we visited in class)

Block 4- Complete document analysis and “say, mean, matter” of document analysis sheet for Document C2 (C1 is the background as well as the Dawes Plan website we visited in class)

Block 5-

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Hello Weekend!

Today we watched the October 19th edition of CNN News in 10.  Warm-Up #6 was turned in as well.

Investigative teams completed Document B2 analysis and the document analysis sheet.

Look over your document analysis…we now have evidence for the loss of land and the loss of military-which would you think is a stronger reason that would lead to WWII?

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Friday Eve is upon us!

We are working through our Treaty of Versailles DBQ and boy, I am so proud of you!  It is hard but so worth it-your brains are getting stronger every day!

There is no official homework but looking over the events of the day is always recommended.  Today we looked at document A-2 to gather evidence.  All classes finished the document analysis for that document as well.  We will look closer at Document B-2 tomorrow!

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All students completed the background essay to determine “time and place” of the Treaty of Versailles.  Most classes moved on to the Document A1 and A2-addressing the German loss of land.

There is no homework today.

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and it is only Tuesday

All classes began the DBQ “How Does the Treaty of Versailles lead to World War II?”  We did some time travel to 1919 to look at the mood of the time with our background essay.  We will be working on the DBQ all week.

Warm-Up #6 was given today-it is due on Friday.

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Rainy Daze and Monday

What an icky morning!  And a long day to get back into our normal schedule!

ALL BLOCKS:  We wrapped up the Russian Revolution today.  Your timeline is due TOMORROW (Tuesday).



5 events from 1895-1922 (information from both Teacher Notes and Russian Revolution graphic organizer)

Each year/event is identified, in order, spelling and capitalization count.

ALL text in pen, images detailed, and NEATLY colored.  Use space wisely-don’t draw tiny images-make space for details to tell about the Rise of Communism in Russia.

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Happy Friday!

What a crazy week….I have decided that I need more time with each of you!  I am glad that we will return to our “normal”.

Homework:  None!

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Season Finale is tomorrow!  Today we compared the life we have seen lived by Anastasia with that of the majority!

No homework!

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Season Finale tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Season Finale of our favorite show…Meet the Romanoffs!  We have followed Anastasia’s life through her early teen years and saw how she helped the war effort during the Great War….what will happen next?  Stay tuned.  Same CZAR time, same CZAR channel.

Vocabulary retake is tomorrow!  Remediation activity sheet and reflection is due at that time as well.  See you at 8:30.

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