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Happy Halloween Boos and Ghouls

on October 31, 2017

Block 1 and 2-

  1.  Watch the Adolf Hitler video on Brain Pop (accessed through Mackinvia)
  2. Begin Rise of Nazism webquest 

Reminder:  Doc D of the Treaty of Versailles is due Wednesday (tomorrow)

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:

  1. Watch Adolf Hitler video on BrainPop and complete the questions (worksheet)-due today
  2. Rise of Nazism text and organizer-due tomorrow!  Yes, homework if not finished
    1. Reading Purpose:  vocab and steps Hitler took to take power
    2. After reading paragraphs 1-3-write a 7-10 word summary
    3. After reading paragraphs 4-6 write a 7-10 word summary
    4. Complete the three facts to the staircase on the back (each step goes with each paragraph)

Be safe tonight, look both ways, carry a flashlight, and travel in groups!  Any tootsie rolls to get rid of?  I can take them off your hands!


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