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Thankful for you my lil’ turkies!

We completed our study of the Heroes of the Holocaust today and began creating a commemorative stamp to honor those who resisted injustice!  See Parent Vu if you were absent to download the resource. If you did not finish in class, this is homework.  Should not take very long to “polish” as we worked in class.

Warm-Up #8 was turned in as well.

I hope you have a very safe Thanksgiving and take time to reflect on the many things for which to be grateful!

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One Day more…..

Classes (mostly) continued out Heroes of the Holocaust notes.  We also watched the November 13th episode of CNN in 10.  If absent, you are able to watch from home to do the warm-up.  Warm-up #8 will be collected tomorrow.

Test Unit 2, Part 2 will be on November 30.  On Wednesday we organized materials and began working on the study guide.  Feel free to make arrangements with me before school to help you get caught up if you were absent yesterday.

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Happy Wednesday?

All blocks began organizing and completing the study guide for our test on Nov. 30th!  This is Unit 2 Part 2.  We also color coded the standards and warm-ups!

Today we took notes as we learned about Heroes of the Holocaust.  Warm-up #8 will be due on Friday (CNN News is tomorrow).

Progress updates are available tomorrow via Synergy/Parent Vu-no hard copies will be sent home.

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Happy Show What You Know Day!

All classes took the Unit 2 Part 1 test today.

After the test:  Students were given an article on the building of the Berlin Wall.  See expectations below:

Blocks 1 and 2:  Purpose for reading:  Economic and Political importance of the wall.  Each section summarize in 7-10 words, answer 3 questions on back.  Due on Wednesday.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Purpose for reading:  How does the relationship between the allies change after WWII?.  Each section summarize in 7-10 words, answer questions on back.  Due on Wednesday.

Thankful for days that show off your smarts!

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Monday-countdown is on!

All classes looked at events leading to WWII…the perfect storm.  We completed the “Oh No, Not Another War” organizer

Part one code: 688233

Part two code: 763885

Act fast! Only open to 7pm!

Extra Credit?  Print this blog, get it signed and answer this question:  Who was Chuine Sugihara and what did he do to help the Jews of Lithuania?

Our test will be tomorrow November 14th!  Unit 2 Part 1.

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Happy Friday Friends!

Test on Tuesday, November 14th!  Unit 2 Part 1!  Study a topic at a time….DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE!  Remember a revised PEEL paragraph can be used for the extended response portion of the test!

All blocks saw the result of the mock election we did in class yesterday….interesting!  Perhaps we have a better understanding of how Hitler gained the support of the German people!

Homework?  Did I mention we have a test on Tuesday?  Progress reports are next week…anything you need to take care of?

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Thankful Thursday!

I am so thankful to be on the 6th grade journey with each of you!

All Blocks:

Today we organized notes and activities to get ready for our test on Nov. 14.  We went over the Unit 2 Part I study guide, highlighted warm-ups for test topics, and worked on the PEEL paragraph (revised copy can be used on the test).  Some classes used the time wisely and were able to complete the study guide AND play quizziz.

Test on Tuesday (November 14)…are you ready?


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It is a Wednesday…but feels like a Monday!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Today we met with like minded investigators to finalize evidence to determine how the Treaty of Versailles led to WW2. You have a PEEL organizer….you may use a REVISED rough draft on the test to help you answer the extended response.  The bar has been set high on this paragraph!

Blocks 3, 4,and 5:  Today we “visited” a Propaganda Museum and examined primary documents that would have been seen during pre-WW2 Germany.  REMINDER: You have a PEEL organizer….you may use a REVISED rough draft on the test to help you answer the extended response.

IMPORTANT:  The Unit 2 test has been MOVED to Tuesday, November 14th.  You already have a study guide for the assignment.  

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New week and so much for which to be THANKFUL!

Today we welcome Mrs . Crandall to lead the students to the Career Cruising program.  So excited to see what the future may unveil to you today!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Rise of Nazism webquest due today.  AFTER Mrs. Crandall’s presentation:

  1.  Use your Teacher Notes’ glossary to complete the following vocab activity.
  2. Please take the one question survey found at this link

NOTE:  Both of these are due on Wednesday!  

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  AFTER Mrs. Crandall’s presentation:

  1. Please visit the attached power point to take notes prior to our Rise of Nazism museum walk on Wednesday.What is Propaganda-2bjkvsb
  2.  Use your Teacher Notes’ glossary to complete the following vocab activity.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL BLOCKS TEST:  Nov. 14th! (Yes, this is a new date…not quite ready for Friday) Students were given the study guide today in class.

Thankful to have dreams and dreamers meeting!

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Happy Friday

Blocks 1 and 2:  Webquest is due on Monday!  Today we continued a discussion of propaganda and its use in the Rise of Nazism.  We watched the October 31 edition of CNN News in 10 and turned in WU#7.  There is a Unit 2 (A) test on November 10.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  We watched the October 31 edition of CNN News in 10 and turned in WU#7.  We also had an opportunity to work on the PEEL organizer we began in the 21st century classroom yesterday.  REMEMBER:  you are able to use the revised copy for the extended response portion of our test on November 10!  We will not be working on in class-I will not be as a grade but it is part of your test preparation.

By the way…there is a test on November 10.  The material covers Scramble for Africa, Russian Revolution, Rise of Communism, and the Treaty of Versailles.  Warm-ups, class activities, discovery tickets, and of course the Teacher Notes are all perfect study tools.  Organize by topic and do one at a time!

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