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It’s TIME!

WOO HOO!  We have earned our break for sure!

I hope you all have a wonderful break that is filled with making memories and being grateful!

See you in 2018~

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Today’s workshop task…..

Students took the Unit 4 vocabulary quiz-grades will be recorded soon…Santa is getting behind!  EEK.

Finish your poem!


After the test you may work on your ECONOMY poem.

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One more day….

Crazy daze and schedule!

Our quiz:

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but the movie was awesome!

All blocks turned in the Unit 3 Governments of Europe answer sheet-it is a test grade!

Economic vocabulary quiz will be on Tuesday, December 19!

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May The Force Be With YOU!

All classes have completed the Entrepreneurship Intensive Training notes and I learned a lot about your peanut butter and jelly preferences!

Quiz will be on Tuesday, Dec. 19 as I have to be out on Monday.  There is a quizlet on yesterday’s blog.

Stay warm!

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Tuesday on a Wednesday

All classes completed the study of the European Union-the perfect transition into our next unit-Economics of Europe!

We will have a vocabulary quiz on TUESDAY, December 19!  There are 16 words-start the studying now, this week will be spent looking at these terms in context.

HOMEWORK:  MANY students have yet to complete the CNN portion of the warm-up from last week.  We watched the December 1 episode of CNN NEWS IN 10.  This assignment is now considered late.

Flashcards a great study guide for our quiz on Tuesday!

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Welcome Back!

So thankful to have our bonus snow day!  Glad to be back with you!

Blocks 1 and 2:  European Union Structured Academic debate began today.  We are looking to decide if Equal is always fair?  No homework.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  All students took the Government vocabulary test and were to turn in Warm-Up #10 (if students did not read the blog on Friday, they were allowed to complete to turn in tomorrow.)  Homework:  complete the European Union map, questions 1-6 in the packet.

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…and Jack Frost nibbled at my nose!

Blocks 1 and 2:  We took the vocabulary test and turned in warm-up #10.

Block 3, 4, and 5:  We will take the test on Monday….means you get to study more to get even better grades!  Block 3 was able to complete the CNN News portion of the warm-up and turn that in today.

ABSENT?  We watched the CNN News in 10 episode aired on December 1.  Your warm-up is due on Monday!

Have a winter wonderland weekend…be safe!

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Let it Snow? Who Knows!

All classes were very busy today!  We completed comparing the governments of Germany, Russia, and United Kingdom.  There was a chart and a venn diagram.  Questions 6-15 were completed with the fellow delegates.  If time allowed, studying for our quiz TOMORROW was done.

Wait-before you go…..Jack Frost here passing out a hint:  Know the first and last names of the current leaders (Head of Government) of the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia and get a point each added to your test!

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Baby it is COLD outside!

Vocabulary quiz on Friday!

Warm-Up #10 is due on Friday!

Today students became an expert on one of our case study countries:  Russia, United Kingdom, and Germany!  IF ABSENT:  You will need to see me in the morning to get the handout from today to complete during homeroom.

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