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What say you?

Please place your “vote”…Should Quebec be allowed to form its own independent country?  Follow this link: Oui or Non!

Try this link if the one above isn’t working….cut and paste.  Office 365 SHOULD open.

All blocks:  Students continued the structured debate over the independence of Quebec.  Warm-up #13 will be collected Thursday due to the music field trip.  CNN News will be shown on Thursday.

Blocks 3,4, and 5:  Letter to the Editor FINAL is due on Monday.

Canada test on Monday, Feb. 5!  Impact of Climate (physical geography notes and teacher notes), Quebec Independence, and NAFTA

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and Tuesdays are hard!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Students completed a critical thinking check on the environmental issues of Canada by designing a tee shirt.  Those that did not do last night’s homework will need to do the tee shirt for homework.  We began a discussion of Quebec Independence

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Classes were assigned a position in the Quebec Independence issue to defend.  A letter to the editor will be written tomorrow.

All classes:  Canada test will be on Feb.5:  Impact of physical geography on trade, occupations, population density, Quebec Independence (why), and NAFTA.  Use teacher notes and warm-ups

This week’s warm-up is due on THURSDAY due to the music department field trip on Friday.

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Happy Monday friends

Block 1 and 2:  Students completed a museum walk through the regions of Canada today.  there are environmental issue notes to complete.  The power point for the fill in the blank notes is on the Wednesday blog.  The graphic organizer (cause/effect) are from the Teacher Notes.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Students completed an open notes comprehension check today regarding the environmental issues of Canada.  They also had an opportunity to make improvements (or to work on) the PSA that was due today.

Test will be MONDAY, Feb. 5.

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Well, we did it!

5 WHOLE days…in a row!  One right after the other.  I plan on taking several naps this weekend!

Blocks 1 and 2:  We worked on the region project today.  Groups put the individual pieces together to create the Region Spotlight display.  Some have taken that home to complete.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  We had a good amount of time today to work on our Environmental PSA assignment based on the notes we collected Wednesday and Thursday.  This is due on Monday!

Our Canada content test will be on Feb. 5.  You have your teacher notes to begin looking at.  Try using our annotation strategies to help you study!

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Almost a whole week!

Happy Thursday!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Groups worked with their fellow “regionites” to develop a presentation for the rest of Canada!  Homework:  Complete the INDIVIDUAL portion of the project.  You will work on the GROUP portion tomorrow.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Students completed the Environmental Issues research.  If you did not finish-that is your homework.  The power point is on yesterday’s blog and the chart is completed with the Teacher Notes.

Warm-Up #12 is due tomorrow.  Today we watched the Jan. 22th episode of CNN News in 10.

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Half way there….

3 days in a row…wow!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Began the Region of Canada project.  Homework:  Additional research if needed

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Two groups-did you finish your task today?  Group 1;  Teacher Notes and graphic organizer Group 2:  Environmental concerns CLOZE notes.    Environmental Issues of Canada-1roydfn

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The worse part of Friday…

remembering that it is only Tuesday!

Grades are updated for the Canada test in Synergy-go check it out.  The flu bug has gotten the best of some of our friends so the hard copy of the test will be returned once all have been made up.

We have finished fine tuning our impact of physical geography on lives of Canadians and the final paragraph is due tomorrow!  Blue/Black pen please.

No other homework!

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Well, it is like riding a bike

Time to get back in school mode friends!


Warm-up #12 due on Friday.

Finished the Geography of Canada fill in notes.

Worked on the draft of the paragraph from Teacher Notes-the rough is due tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow- the Canada map will FINALLY be given!


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So…what did I miss?!?

I’m back and we are catching up with our friends to the north, Canada.  The map test is tomorrow-Jan 16 (if for some reason we do not have school on Wed, the test will be on Thursday).  Hope you have been getting ready!  Sheppard’s Software is a great resource!  Flashcards are your friend too!

HOMEWORK:  Finish your summary paragraph of the portion of the Teacher Notes we read in class today.  This is due next time we meet!

Warm-up #12 is due on Friday!

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Welcome Back and Congratulations

Happy New Year!  So glad to see so many smiles today!

Congratulations to our class winners of the National Geographic Geography Bee:  Tahir, Kharansh, Cash, Victoria, and Harry!  I will announce the GeoBee Geography Bee winner tomorrow!

There is no homework unless you need supplies!


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