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Half way there!

Caracas, Venezuela… you are singing the song now!  Our map test is on Friday, March 2!

All classes completed notes on the physical features of Latin America today.  Warm-Up #16 is due on Friday!

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and the worse thing to find out on a Friday? That it is only Tuesday!

We are slowly getting back into school mode….getting there!

Latin America map test on Friday!  Enjoy the song!  It really does help…play it for your parents/siblings…it really does annoy people!  LOL

Today we read and annotated the Teacher Notes about the political and physical features.  One color-vocab and the other purpose-Predict how these features might impact the people of the region.

REMINDER:  We use 2 different color highlighters (almost) daily.  To be successful and prepared you need the right equipment.  If you don’t have them-get them!

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Welcome back and Hola Latin America

Busy day friends:

  1.  Warm-Up #16
  2. Moved Australia out of Unit of Study (Teacher Notes to reference section)
  3. Latin America map
  4. Latin America song
  5. Latin America video and compass point exit.


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Happy Break Friends!

All classes worked on the Think Tac Toe.  Any assignments not complete will need to be completed over break (sorry friends) and shared with me via Office 365.

Have a very safe break…rest and relax!  Be ready for Latin America!

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Winter Break Eve!

All blocks began the Think Tac Toe activity.  Each student will choose the activities he/she would like to explore.  The link to the resource document can be found in the shared Office 365 document link on yesterday’s blog

Block 1 and 2:  2 choices from A and 1 from B OR 1 from A and 2 from B.  C is bonus if other pieces are done

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  1 choice from each column and C is a bonus if time allows.

We watched the CNN News in 10 today.

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and I love you all!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my little box of chocolates!


Block 1 and 2:  worked on and completed the roller coaster timeline activity.  This was due at the end of class…didn’t finish?  that is your homework-one day late turning in tomorrow!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  worked on and completed the Instagram timeline activity.  This was due at the end of the class….didn’t finish?  that is your homework-turning in tomorrow is a day late.

We will start this tomorrow-This is the link for the Think Tac Toe document!

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Valentine’s Day Eve!

Block 1 and 2:  Roller coaster design should be completed for class tomorrow.

Block 3, 4, and 5:  No homework.  We are putting together the pieces of the Aborigine sotry before, during, and after colonization.

ATTENTION:  I will not be available before school Thursday or Friday.  I will be here tomorrow at 8:30 to help students catch up!

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Another rainy Monday….but sunny on the inside!

Blocks 1 and 2 began reading an article about life for Aborigines before and after the European invasion.  Partner will join together tomorrow for the during portion of the story.  Homework:  ANNOTATE your individual article if not finished in class.

Blocks 3, 4, and 5;  Students completed the colonization of Australia notes and analyzed primary documents from the era.  No homework (Block 3-finish annotating your individual article).

Warm-Up #15 was given out in class and is due on Friday.

I will be here at 8:30 each morning if you would like time to see what you are missing and time to work on it!

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All classes completed the Australia map test today.  After the test, students completed the Teacher Notes History-1pm1i2c comprehension questions (goes along with the Teacher Notes).  We then began/completed the Colonization of Australia notes.

If you have been absent, please see me DURING HOMEROOM to talk about what assignments you will need to make-up?

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Thursday already!

Sorry about missing a post yesterday…was in the dentist chair!

All blocks are working on learning more about Australia!  We have looked at the physical and political features of the country…or is it a continent?  Oh yes, both!

Today we began a study of the Aboriginal culture/history that was forever changed by the arrival in the late 1700″s.

We also watched the Feb 7 episode of CNN in 10.  Warm-Up #14 is due tomorrow.

MAP TEST ON FRIDAY!  Get well…stay well!

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