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Blocks 2-5:  Today students opened the doors to the Revolutionary Fever Clinic and received their first patients.  Each class created their own list of  symptoms to use as a guide.

Block 3:  finish diagnosis paragraph

Block 4:  finish diagnosis paragraph

Block 5: finish diagnosis paragraph

Students who did not turn in their recipe today have received a zero – you can turn in after break for a 50 but you will not be included in your block’s “family cookbook”.  It is due Monday April 9 and WILL NOT be accepted after that date.  

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Happy Almost Friday Eve.

Block 1:  Thanks for playing along for our visitor to film. (Regularly Scheduled Program resumes tomorrow)

Blocks 2-5:  We watched the March 29 episode of CNN News today!  Our Latin American Heroes were able to visit and learn from each other.  Do you think you can diagnose a revolution?  Tomorrow we shall see!

TOMORROW:  Your family recipe is due.  Having trouble with Office 365?  Here is a word document link COLUMBIAN EXCHANGE FAMILY RECIPE-ujsypw

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Hola Amigos!

Today we met the Heroes of Latin America’s Revolution.  There is no homework!

Family Recipe due on Friday!  Template on the Monday blog.  

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Tuesday…3 more days!

All classes met the Independence Leaders of Latin America.  Students were assigned an independence leader to “research”.  We will conduct the Latin American Independence Leader Conference tomorrow.

Homework:  Columbian Exchange recipe (link to template is on Monday’s blog)-we went over instructions and plan today in class.  Confused?  Come see me!

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Happy Monday!

All blocks learned more about the Columbian Exchange and its importance to global cuisine!  In addition to notes, we watched the BrainPop video on the subject.  We practiced annotation and previewing questions prior to the video.

Warm-Up #20 will be due on Friday but we will watch CNN News in 10 on Thursday as many get a “hop” on Spring Break.

We will be creating a “family cookbook” based on items traded in the Columbian Exchange.  Students will get details tomorrow-the recipe only will be shared…not the food item.  Link for the recipe card template

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Wonderful Wednesday

Block 1 and 2:  Reflected n Historical Thinking and met the Aztecs.  Homework?  If you don’t have 3 “squares” completed on your warm-up…do so for homework!

Block 3, 4, and 5:  Homework?  If you don’t have 3 “squares” completed on your warm-up…do so for homework!

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Twisted Tuesday!

So glad everyone was safe and dodged the damage of last night’s storm!

All blocks looked at a primary document that tells a different tale of Columbus and his voyage in 1492!  So, leave your parrots at home friends!

Blocks 1-4:  Complete front AND back of the primary document analysis

Block 5:  Complete the annotation of Casas’ journal.  (Vocabulary and meaning)

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Rainy Daze and Monday!

Hi friends!  Today we started the week off with historical thinking to get the real story.

All classes (except Block 5) should finish the analysis of the Christopher Columbus painting.  We will finish the back side of the worksheet tomorrow!

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All blocks participated in Mystery Centers examining primary and secondary sources to make predictions of what we will be learning on our next unit.

Map Skills are due on Monday.

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All classes took the Latin America Physical Geography test today.  After the test, students practiced map skills (scale and directions), this is due on Monday.  If time, they were also able to color a Day of the Dead skull.

ANY STUDENT ABSENT:  I will be holding a test make-up day tomorrow at 8 am.  Please meet me at the front of the school at that time.  

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