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Two Mondays left my friends….

Wow!  Time is moving way too fast but we are still on the Learning Train and moving through Latin America!

Today:  Students received Warm-Up #23-due on Friday!  All classes compared the governments of Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil.

All students received the permission slip for the Didgeridoo Show on May 17th.  Please return that and the $6 as soon as possible so plans can be finalized!  If absent, please stop by in the morning to pick up your slip!

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And it is almost Friday!

Today students were given the opportunity to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!  If absent, I will hold a make-up on Monday morning at 8:30….see you then!

Have a great night!

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Study Rotations!

Cuban Missile Crisis Breakout:

Test tomorrow….are you ready?

Extra Credit?  Do the breakout….write the 5 letter word solution on this blog printed out with a parent signature and get 2 points added to your test!  Have fun!

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Study Day!

We did four review rotations today:

You will complete the other rotations tomorrow in class.

Test on April 26th!

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Hola!  Today we looked into our crystal ball to make a prediction about the future of Cuba.  We have examined the history of DEPENDENCE and new leadership!  After writing a rough draft, your paragraph was edited by an amigo(a) to help look for the OREO (Opinion, Reason, Evidence, restate Opinion).

Block 1-finish final paragraph

Block 2-finish final

Block 3-finish editing your peer’s paragraph

Block 4-final in class tomorrow

Block 5-final in class tomorrow

Test on April 26 (Aztecs to today)

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And we are back!

Today we began examining the Cuban Revolution of 1959 and will follow the developments of Cuba until today.  We will even predict the future for our island neighbor!

We will have a test over the Latin American history unit on April 26th.  There will be several reviews in class as we pull it all together as we have had several interruptions.  Of course, studying at home is also necessary.  Our test topics will include:

Ancient civilizations (Aztecs and Incas), our friends the Revolutionary leaders, Cuban Revolution, and Latin America today.  Heads up:  all classes will have a document to analyze and an extended response!

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Welcome Back!

Love having all my babies back in the hive!  Today we turned in the book work, made sure our friends that were visiting other teachers got their work turned in, and know that warm-up #21 is due tomorrow!

Have a restful night…stay warm!

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Happy Friday the 13th!

and testing…done!  I miss having everyone each day!  Can’t wait until back to normal!

Warm-up #21 is due on Monday for Block 1 and Tuesday for all other classes. Block 1-we watched CNN News in 10 today-April 9th edition.

Cuban Revolution is next!

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Happy Wednesday!

Testing Day #2!!

I saw Blocks 4,5, and 1 today.

Tomorrow is the Math section.  You may use a 4 function calculator for a portion of the test although the online program has a built in calculator available.

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Happy Day 1 of Testing-done!

What a crazy day for the morning testers!

Block 1 and 2 worked on the Mexican Revolution timeline notes in the orange textbook.

Section 2 and 3 testing tomorrow-Blocks 4, 5, and 1 will meet!

Homework:  Take a walk with a friend!

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