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Happy Long Weekend!

All classes continued our annotation magic and even got to use our Meet Me At map.  We are learning strategies to improve our reading of informational text!

Warm-up #4 was turned in today!

PLEASE be safe this weekend-I want to see everyone in one piece on Tuesday!

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Thursday….you know what that means?

Tomorrow is ULTIMATE Fun Friday!

Warm-up #3 is due tomorrow-we watched CNN News in 10 yesterday.

All classes met at Annotation Station today!  I promise learning to annotate with purpose will be the best gift you ever receive!

No homework!  BUT if you stop by in homeroom with a copy of the blog and a parent’s signature-I will trade you it for a jolly rancher!

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WOW! That was fast!

All blocks watched the CNN News in 10 segment due to our Early Release schedule.  If you were absent, you may watch the Aug. 29th episode for your warm-up.

Discovery Ticket #2 was given today and grades are updated in Synergy.  Be sure to check your grades as we are moving quickly through our content now!

Warm-ups are due on Friday!

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Show What You Know!

Grades are updated on Synergy…some of you really knocked it out of the ballpark!  Some-you need to study!

All blocks:  BE PREPARED!  We will “discover”  some new things tomorrow!  Students were told what material to study for Discovery Ticket #2

Early release is tomorrow so we will be rocking and rolling through the day!

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So exciting…..

You get to show what you know tomorrow!  I hope you have been studying!  Capitals and countries, location of countries and location of physical features!

Take 10 minutes each night to look over daily notes…you never know what you will “discover”

Code for Quizizz is 211696

Want some extra help?  Print this blog and add your quizizz score-with a parent signature is 1 point!

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  Completed picture phrase will get you 2 points

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Europe Map Test on Tuesday!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Today we took off for Europe!  We looked out our plane window and jotted down notes about the continent we are about to visit!  REMINDER:  Your completed paragraphs (please read the guidelines and rubric) are due on Monday!

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  Students took their first Discovery Ticket today over the physical geography of Europe.  Grades have been updated in Synergy.  I will return the papers back on Monday so you can see areas that may need to be revisited.  We also created unique phrases to help us remember the location of countries and/or physical features.  Turn your illustrated phrase in with your test and earn TWo extra points on your test!

ALL CLASSES:  WE watched CNN News in 10 and completed warm-up #3.  If you were absent, your warm-up is due Monday.  Click on the link to watch the Aug. 21 episode.

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Friday Eve…again!

Blocks 1 and 2:  Students used the current event they chose to bring in as the content for the second paragraph about the Aspects of Social Studies.  Both paragraphs are due on Monday, 8.27.  DO NOT FORGET THE REVISION!  Rubrics and reference materials were given in class today.  NOTE:  We will not be working on this in class anymore.  Map Test on 8.28

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  STUDY the map test is on Tuesday, 8.28.  Shhhhh…tomorrow we will have our first Discovery Ticket!  Look over your notes from today’s class!

Thanks for stopping by….if you are reading this, you have earned 5 red tickets!  Print out this page, have a parent sign, show me during homeroom….ENJOY!

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Bienvenue au Europe!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Today we began construction of paragraph 1 of your 2 paragraph essay.  Tomorrow we will work on paragraph #2-HOMEWORK:  Hopefully you used your class time wisely and finished the rough draft-if not that is homework.  Bring a current event (no more than 2 weeks old) from a print source OR an online news source and complete the map we started in class (due tomorrow)-plane leaves on Friday.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  We have landed in Europe!  The geography of Europe is our first unit.  A map test will be on 08.28….never too early to start studying!  Didn’t finish the map in class?  That is your homework task!  ANY online atlas will do!  

Grades are being updates….have you checked on yours?

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How big will you grow this year?

All blocks took the baseline Student Growth Measure today.

Blocks 1 and 5:  No homework

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Final draft due on Wednesday!  REMEMBER:  You will be turning in your REVISED rough draft and rubric (no rubric is a 5 point penalty).

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A new week to be a Wildcat!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Students looked at a real world scenario to apply recent Geo-Literacy learning.  There is no homework

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  The aspects of Social Studies rough draft was due today and MAJOR surgery was performed (revisions).  The final draft, with revisions and rubric, will be due on Wednesday.

ALL:  Please meet in Computer Lab 214 tomorrow for the Social Studies Student Growth Measure.  Bring a book in case you are done prior to the 45 minute time limit.

Grades are currently updated in Synergy.  Please take a moment to log on, check for missing work, and for accuracy!  There are SEVERAL no name papers!  

REMINDER:  When you are absent-YOU are responsible for getting make-up work DURING HOMEROOM on the day your return.  Please refer back to class expectations and syllabus for details.  DO NOT wait until class to get work.  Checking the blog is also a resource for work/assignments!  

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