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Happy Almost Friday!

We welcomed Mrs. Crandall today.  Students made new connections today with classmates!

No homework.

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Happy Wednesday!

Well hello to my favorite 6th graders!

Block 1 and 5: Today students gota sneak preview into our next unit by “exploring” with the Empires of Europe.  I have updated Synergy with the grades of our multiple choice portion of our test.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Today students did a mini lesson on test taking strategies by learning some annotation techniques!  Students then tried the new strategy on the questions that were incorrect from yesterday’s test.  We will be putting those into our i-respond system on Friday!  Grades for the multiple choice portion will be updated at that time.

There is no homework tonight so go take a nice evening walk with your family!


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I think see a break just around the corner!

We have three more days to make learning happen!  Today we took the Unit 1 “Show What You Know”!  If you were absent, please make arrangements to make up the test before the break!

Warm-Up #6 is due on Friday.

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Happy Monday!

All classes completed the Religions of Europe notes.  We also did some test preview.

Speaking of test…it will be tomorrow September 18!


Do you want to be “KING” for the test?  Visit BRAIN POP (through Cobb Digital Library or MackinVIA) and watch the video about Ramadan print this page and have a parent sign for 3 points added to your test.

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Hello Friday!

All classes will have a test on Tuesday September 18!  Are you ready?  Your unit standards have the assignments from which to study and what you need to know!

Monday we will complete our Religions of Europe lesson and do some review.

Block 5-finish your Languages of Europe map and analysis questions.  These are due on Monday

CNN News in 10 episode this week.



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Literally…busy as a bee!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Working on the Languages of Europe analysis map.  Environmental Project due today.  BLOCK 1-language analysis map and questions due on Friday.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Working on the comparison of languages activity. Power point for the activity: let it go with video clip and phrases-2h826eb 

BLOCK 2:  Language chart and analysis questions due on Friday.


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Happy New Week!

Blocks 1 and 5:  We are working on the Rube Goldberg invention.

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  Students are to complete the image, slogan, and color of the bumper sticker, t-shirt, or poster for homework.  WE WILL WORK ON PARAGRAPH tomorrow.

ALL blocks will have the Unit 1 test on Tuesday, September 18.  A study guide has been given.

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All classes complete the fact finding about current environmental issues in Europe.

Block 1 and 5:  Creating a Rube Goldberg style invention

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Creating a t-shirt, bumper sticker, or poster

No homework-start studying for our test on SEPTEMBER 18!  

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Happy Friday Eve!

Unit 1 test is on September 18.  Students were given a study guide/organizer on Wednesday.

All blocks:  complete the cause/effect and solutions chart.

LAST CALL FOR TEST RETAKE…During homeroom on Friday!


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and it is only Wednesday!

Why do short weeks seem to last forever?

All blocks completed a comparing countries of Europe checklist and began putting together information that will serve them well on say…a test!  Speaking of test-we will have our Unit 1 test on September 18.  Students received a “study guide” to help them begin preparation for the date.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE!  

BLOCK 5:  Complete the worksheet (checklist and summary) for homework.

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