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Happy Halloween Boos and Ghouls!

Today students analyzed Document B-a German political cartoon.  If you did not complete the document analysis sheet (in the back of the packet).  Tomorrow…it’s all about the money!

PLEASE be safe tonight-look both ways and give your teacher unwanted tootsie rolls.

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Is all technology good?

Classes watched a video today on the weapon technology developed during WWI.  This will provide background as we look at the German military loss after the Treaty of Versailles.  Block 1-sorry about the confusion!

Document A analysis (including say, mean, and matter) is due on Wednesday.

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Happy DBQ Monday!

All blocks began analyzing documents to help find and answer to “How did the Treaty of Versailles help cause World War II?

Homework:  Complete the Document Analysis sheet for Document A (back of packet)

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Happy Friday

All blocks read the background essay of the Treaty of Versailles DBQ.  There is no homework for any of the classes.

This week we watched CNN News in 10 October 22 episode.

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War is Over!

Today we began a DBQ to find out How the Treaty of Versailles caused WWI?

No homework

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The Great War…in one day!

Today we looked at the result of the Scramble of Africa and the global tension in 1914….tomorrow-peace come to the world….or does it?

Homework:  Complete the graphic organizer started in class

BRAINPOP video-You will access this from the Durham Media Center web page-Cobb Digital Library will not require a password to BrainPop-getting a message about a password?  You may not have gone through CDL!

History Bomb World War I in One Take

Graphic Organizer wwi graphic-2no74mv

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“SPARK”ing through the clues

I saw some awesome critical thinking and teamwork today!  Even if you didn’t break in….you did an amazing job today!

No homework!

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Back to “Normal”

Warm-Up #11 was given in class today.  Absent?  Please stop in the morning to pick one up!

All blocks are to complete the secondary source Sarajevo Sentinel reading and reading check.  This is your “entry ticket” to participate in tomorrow’s activity.

MEET IN THE MEDIA CENTER TOMORROW!  Do you remember your historical thinking vocabulary?  

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Happy Friday!

Block 1-turned in National Geographic cover and Warm-Up #10

Block 2-turned in warm-up #10 and finish political cartoon for homework

Block 3-turned in warm-up #10 and finish political cartoon for homework

Block 4-turned in warm-up #10 and finish political cartoon for homework

Block 5-ate lunch, watched CNN News in 10 and left…..finish warm-up #10 for homework!

CNN News in 10 episode October 15

Looking forward to our back to normal schedule next week…Red Ribbon Week!


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It’s Wednesday!

Block 1:  National Geographic cover is due on Friday!

Block 2:  Revision of rough draft is due on Thursday (follow the SS format please)

Block 3:  revision is due on Thursday (follow the SS format please)

Block 4;  revision is due on Friday (follow the SS format)

Block 5:  rough draft is due on Friday (follow the SS format)

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