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Please read the Monday and Tuesday posts for important information and this week’s plans!  Be wonderful my friends!

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Our Unit 2 test is Dec 6th!  There will be an extended response section!  One of the questions will be regarding the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles-which one do you think was most responsible for starting WWII?  You have already written the rough draft and “revised” AND received feedback!-all you need to do now is to re-write into a final form and turn in with the testIf you do not have a final to turn in…you will need to write during the testing period.

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Welcome Back!

So glad to see everyone back and ready to keep learning!  Our Unit 2 test will be on Dec. 6th-start preparing now!

Finish the survey before we are ready to get started?  Feel free to review here:  CODE: 627549 and for more fun try code: 805324

Monday: Participated in the Health Survey, WU#14 (due Friday), and B1 and B5: finalized group newspaper. HW:  Propaganda article and questions  B2, 3, and 4: finalized propaganda lessons.

Tuesday:  Propaganda Museum in Media Center

Wednesday:  Soviet Union and timeline HW:  finish timeline for SU

Thursday:  Division and Reunification of Germany HW:  finish article questions

Friday: Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union plot diagram, CNN News in 10


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So very THANKFUL for each of you!

Blocks 1 and 5:  We worked on the Rise of Nazism newsletter.  We will have one more day of class tech time when we get back from break!

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  You completed the propaganda article and questions.  If completed early, you were able to do a Thanksgiving and Georgia webquest!


For each of the strands of Social Studies listed on the graphic organizer-

Choose a different food to complete a topic (ex. turkey-history) and describe its connection to that topic.  Maybe you compare two states and the amount of turkey’s they raise and how much money it contributes to the state economy of each.  (economics)

Culture should be about YOUR Thanksgiving tradition.

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Happy Friday Eve!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Groups have assigned tasks for the newspaper project.  The schedule is to work on tomorrow (Friday) and after the survey on Monday (after break).

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  We visited (and completed) the propaganda web link in class.  Students were given an article about propaganda-THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK!

Unit 2 test will be on December 6-details to follow!

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Back to Germany

We have gone back to Germany to see what has been happening while we were in Russia!

Block 1 and 5:  Rise of Nazism webquest Link 1 and Link 2.  We will continue the activity Wednesday and Thursday.

Block 2, 3, and 4:  Students watched a BrainPop about Adolf Hitler and read a summary of the Rise of nazism.  As groups finished, they began a web quest.  Write a 5-7 word summary for each of the pages you read.  Use your own paper for that.

Propaganda linkLook at 5 of the posters located on the link (write down a list of the ones you look at).  Choose ONE to answer the questions (write down the name):

  1. What is the overall message behind the poster?
  2. How did the Nazis appeal upon the emotions of the viewer? The logic and intelligence of the viewer?
  3. How did the poster portray (show) Nazis? German citizens? Jewish individuals? NOTE:  All three may not be in the poster you pick

Our Unit 2 test will be on Dec. 6th.  Sounds far away doesn’t it?!?!  Don’t let that fool you!  Never too soon to start reviewing!  Topics so far:  Russian Revolution, Treaty of Versailles, and now, the Rise of Nazism.

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Rainy Daze and Monday!

All classes participated in a Mock Election as we prepare for our stop in Germany Post-WWI tomorrow.  Our winner will be introduced tomorrow!

All classes took a Discovery Ticket today over the Russian Revolution as we prepare to leave the now Soviet Union….we will return though!

Discovery Ticket grades are in Synergy.  You may have heard me mention friends that no homework is a perfect time to spend 10-15 minutes reviewing material.  Look over notes, organize materials, talk about the lessons with a friend or parent.

Warm-Up #13 will be due on Friday!

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It’s good to be the King….or is it?!?!?

We continue down the road to Revolution!  Today we began to understand why the Russian people might have a problem with the way the government was being managed AND those eggs!

No homework!

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Today we met the Romanovs!  What was so awful that the Russian people wanted a new form of government?  We will find out as the week goes by.  No homework!

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Remind the adults in your life…VOTE!

Due on WednesdayREVISED (use your revision sheet in your REFERENCE section) rough draft of the paragraph “How does the Versailles Treaty help cause World War II?”

Absent on Monday?  No problem…download the PEEL organizer here. PEEL organizer ToV-1k9vh95 

You can write your rough draft on a piece of notebook paper.  You may want to skip lines to allow for revisions.

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