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Government of Europe Comparison Quiz

Hi students!

Today we completed the political campaign posters for Russia, UK, and Germany….didn’t finish?  That is your homework.

Tomorrow we will have a TEST over government and economy.  Vocabulary and government scenarios.  The quiz you took today is in Synergy!

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Test retake for scores below a 70

Students who received a  score of 70 or below were given a remediation packet to complete this weekend.  This is due on Monday when the test is re-given on Monday morning at 8:15.

Quizizz codes:

Part 1: 366228

Part 2: 652413

BOTH are considered the portion of the Quizizz remediation.

Study Guide and reflection are also both to be completed.


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Happy Friday!

CNN NEWS in 10 today!  Dec. 11 episode

We received our Pen Pal letters today from Germany.  Our first task was to complete the graphic organizer on the government of Germany.  Our next step will be a letter to our Russian friends comparing the UK and German government.  We will work on that for part of the class on Monday.

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I’m baaaccck!

Hi friends! Today we played KETCHUP!  We worked on vocabulary activities and on our pen pal letter.


  1.  Pen Pal letter using the information from notes and textbook.  This was due today…you may complete tonight and share via Office 365 TONIGHT!
  2. Frayer model for Presidential and Parliamentary democracies
  3. STUDY

We will have a summative assessment over Unit 3 and 4 (vocab and comparison) on Dec. 20/21 depending on the day your class comes to Social Studies.

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Hello Friday!

Today was test results day!  Grades are in Synergy and students reflected on what they needed to do complete as reteaching or enrichment activities.  We will finish this in class on Monday!  Not homework!

Rise of Communism-


Rise of Nazism

Post WWII Germany

Choice for Post WWII

Cold War

Collapse of the Soviet Union

ALL DONE?  Return your scan-tron to me!  Then….

BRAIN POP :  For 2 points added to your test – Choose TWO of the following Brain Pop videos, print the quiz and complete. NOTE:  You will have to go through Cobb Digital Library!

United Nations

League of Nations

Elie Wisel

Anne Frank

World War II

Cold War

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Test Prep Day

1. Complete your study guide

2.  Code is 625024

3. Work on the final copy of your Treaty of Versailles final paragraph.

Thanks for coming back!  For 3 extra points-Who are the current leaders of the following countries (there will be 2 people for each): United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia.  Write your answer on a piece of paper and have a parent sign for the extra credit!

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Today students were introduced to many Heroes of the Holocaust.  Ordinary people who saw injustice and stood up to make a change!

Students were given a study guide for our test that will be on Thursday!  This week’s warm-up also includes review!

REMINDER:  You may turn in your Treaty of Versailles FINAL paragraph with your test on Thursday.  Final means it is typed or in blue or black ink.  If you do not have it on Thursday, you will write during the testing period without the help of any of the resources.

Want a head start on Units 3 and 4 vocabulary?  Unit 34 Vocabulary-ukm3ok

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Happy Monday!

All classes completed the Soviet Union textbook questions and received the Unit 2 study guide.  Boy, if you checked the blog last night you got a real treat! If you were absent today you may download a copy of the study guide to begin work.  It is not due for a grade-you are free to check in with me if you need direction!   European History Review Sheet student-1i8kkyk

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I am back!

I have missed you and seeing you learn lots of new things!  We have a test on Thursday I will be giving out copies tomorrow (Monday).

See you tomorrow!

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