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Twas the Night Before Friday!

So, we have a test tomorrow!  Latin America Map test!  NOTE:  Block 1 and Block 5-no word bank for the capitals!

CNN tomorrow-warm-up Part 1 due

T-shirt is due Monday with no point penalty but you can turn in early on Friday if finished!

All Blocks-Panama Canal classwork is homework if you did not finish in class today!

Yes, we were crazy busy!

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Panama Canal Webquest

There are 7 links you will visit for this activity.

Questions 1-4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

How the canal works

Inflation Calculator


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Hola Amigos!

Today we explored the Latin America region and discovered more about these wonders.  Students are designing a souvenir t-shirt-we are working on that in class. This will be due at the end of class after our test or it can be completed over the weekend.

TEST on Friday, 03.01!  Latin America map was completed on Monday!  That is the test.  Block 1 and Block 5-there is NO word bank for the capitals of the countries…spelling counts!   

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Tuesday already!

Today we looked outside the plane window to get an overview of our next destination-Latin America.

Map test on Friday!

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Welcome Back Amigos!

We begin Latin America today!  The map test is on Friday March 1.  the format is the same as all the map tests we have done this year!  Make flash cards for capitals and countries….make your own quizlet!  Watch this great video-Rock the Capitals!

New Warm-up Format begins today!  Part 1 is due on Friday!

You may clean out the Australia and Canada materials from your Unit of Study-REMINDER:  Teacher Notes go in your reference section!  

TEST MAKE-UP is TOMORROW 02.26 at 8:15.  If you were absent on the Friday before break this is for you!

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It’s break time people!

Test scores are in Synergy.  If you were absent, hope you will continue to study over the break so you will be prepared to take the test on our return.  There will be a test make-up (for those absent) on 02.27, Tuesday at 8:15.

Homework:  Be safe and bring a postcard for the classroom if you are travelling!  

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It’s almost here…..

What a great day to make new friends!  Students moved to an activity today that was determined by the 10 point standard check we did yesterday….

Homework:  Test over Canada and Australia is tomorrow!  Also, turn in the final (pen or typed) we began in class last week.  You did a rough draft, received feedback, and polished up a final!

Need a little something for some extra credit?  Since we begin Latin America when we get back from break, let’s take a sneak-peek!  What is the capital of the following countries- Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, and Columbia.  Print this page and have a parent sign for 2 points extra added to your test!

REMINDER GEOBEES:  Bring back a postcard from your travels to hang on our board!

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Quebec…Shall I Stay or Shall I Go? You will need your own paper OR use the back of the economy worksheet.    Quebec Independence Movement kids-2cjg43d

Need to finish economy?  Australias and Canada Economy comapre-vuyolp


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Money Money Money

Homework:  None  We will have about 10 minutes to finish today’s activity on Tuesday.

MANY band and orchestra students did not do the assignment given to them before the field trip-you have a zero until you turn it in.  Those not turned in tomorrow will get ZAP on Friday to complete.

TEST PREP:  Students were given a study guide today in class to prepare for the test.  REMEMBER:  The final paragraph (Why people live where they do in Australia?) is due on Test day (Feb 15).  This will count as your extended response!

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Notes and reminders

DUE MONDAY-the trade barrier handout and worksheet!  Test is on Friday, Feb. 15.  I posted a study guide on yesterday’s blog.

Chorus friends-The notes from yesterday are right here.  Economics market and command 2019-1948ieo

You had received the handout in class today!  ECONOMY poem is due on Monday too!

Need to check your comparing government chart?  Comparing government answers_Canada Australia-281ufvt

Trade Barrier video


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