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It is only Tuesday?!?!

on February 5, 2019

REMINDER:  Your rough draft should be TRANSFORMED into an awesome writing piece having had the benefit of feedback from a peer!  We will NOT be working on this in class anymore…the magic is with you!  This final (pen or typed) is due on Friday, Feb.15-this will be our test day!  Canada and Australia!  Study now!

Today-Block 1, 2, and 3: Started comparing countries.  Homework:  Finish YOUR country notes (canada OR Australia)

Block 4 and 5:  You were able to either write your paragraph or get peer feedback.

We will watch CNN News on Wednesday as there will be many friends missing on Friday!  If you are going to be out on Friday-warm-up is due on Thursday.  If you are out on Thursday…warm-up is due on Friday.

Have a great night!


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