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Happy Spring!

Congratulations to Blocks 1 and 5 for achieving the 80% with 80% on the Latin America Physical Geography assessment!  The Elite 100% members were excited about their prizes as well!  Blocks 2, 3, and 4 were so very close!  Also very proud of the MANY individual students who achieved an 80% or higher!

TODAY:  We watched the March 28th CNN in 10 episode.  

As discussed in class, we will have our SGM (Social Studies end of year test) on Tuesday, April 9.  We will do some review on Monday the 8th BUT if you want to do more (optional)….

Here is a yearlong review review sheet.  Turn this in completed on April 9 with a parent signature and you can replace a classwork assignment with a 100.  6TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES SGM STUDY GUIDE-1bij0s6

Family Game Night?  Have the family try their hand at 6th grade Social Studies content with this Quizziz game!  Have a parent send in a note that the family played and add 5 points to a test grade!


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One Day More…..

We spent a little time today looking at the culture of Latin America.  Remember that these characteristics of European influence are found in ALL areas where the invasion occured!

Blocks 3, 4, and 5:  Complete the reading guided questions.

IF YOU ARE LEAVING TOWN FOR BREAK:  Please bring back a post card!

REMINDER-check back over break for an optional review for our end of year test on April 9th.  Extra credit offered for completion and family game night!

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Over the hump!

Students explored the Columbian Exchange and its effects on Europe and the impact of Europe on the region of Latin America.  Today was food-finish the ad for homework-and tomorrow we will look at language and religion.

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Welcome to the GeoBee Advertising Agency!

Today’s topic of discussion was food!  Students learned about the Columbian Exchange and the role of Africa Slavery within it.  Our new advertising execs then created an ad for one of the New World food items to “sell” to the Old World.  We will continue work on that tomorrow for about 15 minutes.

Our Student Growth Model test will be on April 9th.  Stay tuned for (optional) review over Spring Break!

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Happy Monday!

How has the past of Latin America influenced the events of today?  WE WERE HERE FIRST!-q6zhup 

Done?  Enjoy this video and be prepared to answer the questions on your paper! AZTEC INTRODUCTION-15t8pve

NOTE:  If the link does not work….go to CDL, Discovery Ed, SEARCH Horrible Histories Aztecs.

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You Showed What You Know!

Overall, everyone did a good job on the Latin American Geography test.  Grades are updated in Synergy.  Mapping the World Activity is also graded-have a 0?  Turn it in on Monday or you will need to do in ZAP on Friday!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Finish the map from home to school.

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The Almost Friday Day

Test is TOMORROW!  Quizzes code 656909


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Yes, I do know what day it is!

Mapping skills continue!

B1 and B5:  We will complete the map-home to school tomorrow!

B2:  Hand Island due tomorrow but we will only have 10-15 minutes.

B3:  map was due today

B4:  map was due today

Test on Friday!  Resources have been listed and reviewed with classes.  B2, 3, and 4:  Your Rainforest position paragraph FINAL is due on Friday. 

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Hello Cartographers!

Today students completed the Mapping the World activity and began the next activity!  We will continue working on this in class tomorrow.

TEST on Friday my friends!  Don’t forget BLOCKS 2, 3, and 4 you will turn in your Rainforest position paragraph in with your test.


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One step closer…

to 7th grade!  Grades are entered already for Q4…many will see how many good use of time has gotten you off to a wonderful start!  Congratulations!

Test is on March 22.  I went over (and will remind tomorrow) of the things that you should have been studying nightly for the last 2 weeks!  10 minutes each night makes life A breeze!

No homework!  Well, except to study

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