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The information for the Venn Diagram (word bank) is here.  Compare government venn_word bank Please have this completed for class on Wednesday May 1.  

Vocabulary terms 26-36 should be completed as well.

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Still more learning to do!

Life is great-even though you are reaching the end of the 6th grade-there are still LOTS to learn.

Today all classes began a comparison of the governments found in Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil.

Homework:  Highlight in context and annotate glossary terms #13-24.

Have a great night!

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Happy Friday!

It was wonderful seeing EVERYONE today!

Latin America History test…done!  Grades will be posted sometime this weekend.

We will begin our next unit Latin American government and economics on Monday!  Homework:  Vocabulary scavenger hunt-first 12 words found in test and short definition annotated (2-3 words) will check Monday.

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2 weeks in one day

At least that is what it felt like today!

Classes that met with me today did a review using a strategy learned in Lang. Arts.  Sketch notes as a review.  Testers-study for your test.

EXTRA CREDIT-Some of you have 5 points waiting for extra credit having completed the Review Quizzes game over Spring Break!  There is an opportunity for 2 points for those that did not-play the Jeopardy review game and have a parent sign this blog post…bring in tomorrow!  (The 5 points will NOT be added to the 2 point opportunity? jeopardy LA history-y0625j

Tomorrow is a “regular” day!  See you then!

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Milestones Testing Eve!

No worries friends…you are so ready!

Today, all classes enjoyed a review for our test on Friday.  Cornell Notes were completed to create a study guide for Modern Day Latin America.


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Hello Monday!

All classes investigated conditions in Latin American countries that would cause so many to EMIGRATE.

Block 1 and 5:  Completed the Cornell Notes

Block 2, 3, and 4:  Worked on Cornell notes and took notes from the power point.  Block 4-finish vocabulary in your Cornell notes for tomorrow.

TEST on Friday!  BYOD on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

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Happy “Good Friday” and Pesach!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Cornell Notes about Modern Latin America.  Test on Friday, April 26th

Blocks 2,3, and 4:  Students that were ready were able to type the Venezuelan Revolution essay that is due on Friday of next week-the 26th (TEST DAY).  You may turn in early if you wish.

CNN NEWS in 10-April 16 episode.

Test topics are found in your History Teacher Notes-African Slave Trade, Columbian Exchange, Language and Religion, Cuban Revolution, and Modern Issues in Latin America.  

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Doctors of Revolution Fever

Congratulations!  All classes have passed their Revolution Fever medical training and can recognize the symptoms of revolution in a country.  Rough drafts have been created, revisions with a peer have been completed, self revision in process.  Final is due next Friday (feel free to turn in early if ready)-test day April 26th!  Homework:  Catch-up where we are in class.

As promised:  Here is the link for the Venezuela video we watched in class today.


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Crazy day indeed!

Our schedule was different today!  We had 4,5,3,1, and 2!  All classes read an article about the current situation in Venezuela-annotating for symptoms of Revolution.  Students then wrote a rough draft to support their claim as to if Venezuela is suffering from Revolution Fever.  2 symptoms from their class list to be included with text evidence (cite the source).  BLOCK 3:  rough will be done in class tomorrow-have the article read.

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Today we used our class symptom list to diagnose Cuba’s current health-do they still have Revolution Fever?  The “Cuba After Castro” should be highlighted AND annotated for class tomorrow.

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