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Stating the obvious….

Please bring in your warm-up that was due today.  (Wednesday for Blocks 2 and 4).  See you tomorrow

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Welcome to Olympic Week!

OPening ceremonies are always a moving experience and I hope that you all appreciated the meaning behind them!

All classes turned in Economics warm-up #1 yesterday and received Economics Warm-Up #2 (due Monday).  The CNN News in 10 episode we watched yesterday was from May 8.

We have begin our wrap up of the year by re-visiting Weslandia, the story we read the first week of school about the pieces of Social Studies found within a location.  Students are creating their own culture this week.  It is due on Friday but we are working on it in class.

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A dose of real life….

All classes played the Game of Life today.  After selecting a career card, students set a budget based on the “Life Catalog” choices.  It was eye opening for many.  Heads up parents-many think they will be living with you until they are 40!

Homework:  Credit Card handout-due Monday

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Happy Thursday!

Thank you to Mrs. Clark’s father, Mr. Jordan, for joining us today!  I hope he gave you a direction to get started on towards the financial goals you made last night.

No homework!  Warm-up is due tomorrow!

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And we are done….

Today was the last day of testing for 6th grade…WOO HOO!  It will be nice to be back to “normal”.

All blocks will have their vocabulary puzzle choice due tomorrow (except for Block 3 who had it due today).

My classes will have a Government Basics quiz tomorrow.

Warm-Up was given to Blocks 4 and 5 today-other classes will get tomorrow.

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and it is here!

Happy Friday…Star Wars Eve!  Today students not only completed writing the current leader of Latin American countries.  We were also able to hold an election from each of the countries!  Congratulations to the winners!

Homework:  Citizens complete the Twitter assignment.

6th grade Math Testing will be on Monday and Tuesday.


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Almost Friday!

Today we continued our discussion of government.  After checking our answers for the review for the quiz on Wednesday-students selected their country’s candidate for leader and either wrote the speech or used “twitter” to share concerns with their current leader.  Homework:  Read page 2 “MIXED ECONOMY” in your teacher notes.  This will make tomorrow go more efficiently and less over the weekend “to finish up” work.

Have a great night!

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You know what day it is…..

We checked the Venn Diagram today comparing the governments of Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico. Compare government venn_answers (003)

Today, we also went back to basics by reviewing the branches of govt and its responsibilities.  The packet we worked on in class is the material that will be the quiz on Wednesday May 8.

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