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It’s Friday Eve!

All blocks took the SGM today to see where we begin on our journey.  Thank you students for doing your best and for following testing protocols!

Warm-Up #4 will be due tomorrow-we will do the Thursday section so we can use a better map!

Tomorrow will be a busy day-Pictures Day, Social Media Assembly, AND Ultimate Fun Friday!

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That was a quick day!

All classes watched CNN in 10-the August 27th episode.

We also worked on the comparison notes.  That is a work in progress!

Meet in the 7th grade lab tomorrow for our SGM assessment.

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Well that was quick!

Yes, it is Monday already!  Today was a lesson is a life skill that will last forever with a HUGE payoff!

All blocks began learning about annotation of informational text.  The strategy provides more efficiency in reading this type of text!  No homework!

Example from class:

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Test Eve….woo hoo!

All classes will take the physical and political map test of Europe tomorrow!

CNN News in 10 will finish our warm-up #3-we will watch that in class!

Loyal readers-want some extra credit? For 3 extra points, play the new quizizz below, print out a score of 100% and have  a parent sign it.  Turn in with your test for your reward!

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It’s Hump Day! Happy Wednesday!

Blocks 1 and 5 completed the GeoLiteracy introduction today.  Be ready to increase your understanding as the year progresses!  See below for a study link for test on Friday.

Block 2, 3, and 4:  Students created a phrase and illustration as we prepare for the map test on Friday. 08.23.  Tomorrow will be time for the physical features study activity but tonight finish your political map and study with flash cards.  Have your agenda signed by a parent that you did your flash cards with them until 100% correct and get a sweet treat!  See me DURING HOMEROOM!

Need some more help?

CODE: 375660
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Hello Tuesday!

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  STUDY for the test on Friday.  Look at yesterday’s blog for a fun game site.  We made flashcards for country and capital as well.  We also took notes on the physical features of Europe.

Blocks 1 and 5:  Please check Parent Vue for updated grades.  Students who needed to go to the Media Center to complete last night’s homework-tonight’s assignment is to do what you missed in class.  You will need a piece of paper divided into three sections-one section for each “I”.  Follow the instructions on the power point. geo-literacy at home Copy these notes onto your paper 3 i defined teacher  

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Monday already…Here we come Europe!

All classes boarded for Europe today.  We watched a “fly over” video and labelled a map of Europe.  The test over this is Friday.  Know capital and country, location of country, and the listed physical features.  Begin studying now!  Visit for games to help you study!

Didn’t finish the map (front and back) in class?  Google any map of Europe to complete-due on Tuesday.

BLOCKS 1 and 5:  Please watch the National Geographic video on GeoLiteracy.  The handout to complete as you watch is here.  GeoLiteracy and You This is due on Tuesday! 

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Friday Eve!

Major Surgery was performed on our rough draft today! The final is due on Monday, August 19th!  If you were absent today, please see me in the morning for directions-WE WILL NOT HAVE TIME IN CLASS TOMORROW!

Our 2nd warm-up in due tomorrow!  If you are absent, check the blog tomorrow for the link to CNN in 10 we watched.


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Putting the puzzle together!

Classes completed our notes on the 5 Strands of Social Studies today and were given the instructions for the writing assignment.  THE ROUGH DRAFT IS DUE ON THURSDAY!

Blocks 1 and 5:  A current event is due on Thursday!

Hello Loyal Readers…..I put in some grades….do you Student Vu (it is your student number)?  Print off a SS progress report, have a parent sign it, give to me in HR and I will give you a treat!

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Open House Tonight!

I hope to meet as many parents as possible tonight!  Please be in homeroom by 7!

All classes received our second warm-up-it is due on Friday!

Blocks 1 and 5:  If you had not completed the assignment from last night, you have a 0.  You can redeem that by completing it and turning it in tomorrow.  FOR THURSDAY-you will need to bring in a current event from the newspaper or the interweb!  It can be on any subject you select-whatever interests you!

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  No homework!  Have you turned your geography activity in yet?


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