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So glad to see everyone’s smile today!  We have begun our next unit-History of Europe.  Today we talked about the reasons for the study of history as well as how your history needs to be studied for an understanding of you!

Block 1 and 5:  Timeline due tomorrow. why study history ac  

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Timeline only due tomorrow.  why study history ol



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It’s Friday…

…you’ve worked hard-take a week off!

No homework except to rest and be safe.  DO something kind for someone this break!  Check your grades-we are 10 days away from the end of the quarter!  Grades will continue to be entered until the end so don’t give up the fight!

The Durham Library challenges you to read at least 20 minutes each day of fall break for a total of 180 minutes. Log your minutes in Biblionasium.

If you need something good to read, swing by the library before week’s end. Over the break, be sure to visit our local public libraries and use your Library Pass to checkout print resources. From the  Cobb County Public Library website you can also download ebooks and audiobooks. And new this year is the Sora app! Where you can get digital content from the Durham Library and the Cobb County Public Library with just a few clicks. Durham Library’s online catalog Destiny is also available 24/7 and provides access to ebooks and audiobooks as well. It doesn’t stop there, Cobb Digital Library’s databases host eBooks on EBSCOhost, Teen Book Cloud, and TumblePremium. There’s no excuse to not read!

For quick links to all of these resources, check out the Durham Library website today!

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One Day More…….

Today we got to “show what we know” for our Unit 1 test!  Grades will be updated soon!  Check back this evening!

No homework!  Check your grades though…tomorrow is the 10 day countdown to the end of Q1!  Grades will still be going in so know that these scores are subject to change!

Curriculum Night is Oct. 1 and I hope to see everyone there!

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Tis’ the Night Before our Test…..

Are you ready?  Yes, you are!  The Unit 1 test is TOMORROW!  But you already knew that!

Would you like a bonus point?  What day and time was the Treaty of Versailles signed?  Bring in your answer with a parent signature and I will add 1 point to your test!

Not interested int hat?  How about I trade you your study guide (does not have to be completed) for a piece of candy!?!?!  I want to add it to the information we share at Parent Night on Oct. 1.

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Cheerio Me Loves! Happy Constitution Day

Today our classes did review games and the study guide as we prepare for our first Unit test on September 19th!

Environmental Issues of Europe Quiziz: 069522

Quiziz code Geography and Trade: 194969

Quiziz code Religions of Europe: 699106

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I’m back!

Thank you for being such great examples of GeoBees and Wildcats of good character while I was out!

We were busy in the hive today….here’s what happened:

Block 1 and Block 5:  Languages of Europe text, questions, and map.  HOMEWORK: Finish ALL the classwork-should take 20 minutes. Languages of Europe (this is the link to the list and directions).

Students turned in the Rube Goldberg invention and Fiddle Faddle Factory assignments.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  We worked on the Unit 1 study guide in class today.  This is a resource as you prepare for our test on Thursday 9.19.

Students turned in the environmental issues bumper sticker and paragraph

REMINDER:  Unit 1 test is on Thursday 9.19. If you are going to be absent, please be prepared to take the test on Wednesday 9.18.

The 9/11 interview is due on Thursday with the test for 5 extra points!

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Week of September 9-13

UNIT ONE TEST (Geography of Europe) ON SEPTEMBER 19!

Don’t wait until the last minute…trust me friends!  You can start studying NOW!  Use your warm-ups, class notes.  Read the assignments, make any corrections, etc. each night for 15 minutes!  We will review more as the test date nears.

Students and Parents:  I will be out T-F of next week.  You are being left in very good hands and I know you will be true GeoBees of honor and good character.


Block 1 and 5: F3 work day!  Homework:  Individual portion due on Wednesday, September 11.

Block 2, 3, and 4:  Religions of Europe


All Blocks:  Environmental Issues in Europe-class notes and Europe Geography Teacher Notes


All Blocks:  We Remember 9/11


Blocks 1 and 5:  Rube Goldberg Invention (due Monday, September 16)

Blocks 2, 3, and 4: Bumper Sticker (due Monday, September 16)


All Blocks:  CNN in 10 and work on performance task and study guide


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Happy Thursday my friends…..

Blocks 1 and 5:  Today was our last visit to the Media Center for the research phase of the Fiddle Faddle Factory.  Teams have selected the location to propose and we will work on final presentations in class on Friday ad on Monday.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Hola!  We practiced our test taking strategy today and found that many of you are thinking like a teacher!  The language map was completed in class (or homework to finish).  YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THE QUESTIONS ON THE AT HOME!  

Warm-Up #6 is due tomorrow after CNN News in 10.

Our first unit test will be 09.19!  Start studying with the warm-ups 3, 4, and 6.  How?  Make corrections is the first place to start!

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Blocks 1 and 5:  See the Fiddle Faddle post made earlier.

If you did not turn in the paragraph about your expert country…it is due tomorrow.  Choose a sentence from each topic for the body of your paragraph and don’t forget a topic or concluding sentence.

Blocks 2, 3, and 4:  Bonjour mes amis!  Today classes heard from our friend Moana-at times she was hard to understand but we are working on languages in Europe right now so maybe that will help!  Students were given a handout to annotate (STRATEGY:  Create a “test” question and highlight the answer as our purpose).  This is homework!

TEST IS IN YOUR NEAR FUTURE…looking like September 19th.  Stay tuned!

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FIddle Faddle Factory Research

Look for the Cobb Digital Library link on your desktop.  There are several data bases that will be helpful but I suggest beginning with Culture Grams and Britannica.  DO NOT limit yourself to just these though.  Ask Mrs. Baker for suggestions if you need help finding something specific.

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