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Hello Boos and Ghouls!

Happy Halloween!

Homework:  Finish the document analysis sheet for Document B (if absent, that is the political cartoon only).  SAY, MEAN, and MATTER!

Be safe tonight!

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and it is only Wednesday

Hi friends!

Today we heard the word’s of the man himself coming to us from his book “Mein Kampf”.  We analyzed and excerpt from the book (Document A ) and completing the  analysis sheet for this document ONLY!  If you did not finish in class, this will be your homework!

Tomorrow is character day-Remember a canned food donation is required!  Thanks for Giving!

Block 4:  Let’s do this!  Don’t give up!  There is still time to win!

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Happy Tuesday!

We have begun our OFFICIAL DBQ-“How does the Treaty of Versailles lead to WWII?”.  Homework:  finish reading the background essay-your PURPOSE for reading is to find the mood for each paragraph with text evidence.

BLOCK 4 ONLY-No peeking other blocks!  Let’s do this people!  I want doughnuts!  

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Welcome Mrs. Crandall!

We were very lucky today to have a visit from Mrs. Crandall who helped us navigate the stress that is 6th grade!  Heard lots if ideas for DEstressing….hope you embrace that and use when needed.

Tomorrow you will turn in your paragraph with the additional DBQ sentence and we will begin Warm-Up #11.

BLOCK 4 EYES ONLY:  Remember to share the information about the Color Battle…I want doughnuts!

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Happy Rainy Friday!

Greetings Fellow Historians!  

Today:  Watched CNN News (see back of your warm-up for directions accessing CNN in 10 from home) and polished our “say, mean, and matter” sentence(s) and then added those to our Waiting for War paragraph you turned in last week.

HOMEWORK:  Finish adding your “three amigos” sentence to your final…..DO NOT RE-WRITE THE ORIGINAL.  Mark with a star where you want it to go and add to the bottom of the final.

Have a great weekend!  


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I’M BACK….for a long while!

Today we examine more closely the “money chart”…..there is a HUGE story behind those numbers!

BLOCK 4:  Finish writing your sentence-keep the amigos together!

BLOCK 5:  DO the math!  France and Germany!

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Happy Monday!

Well, we were so close in opening the suitcase containing the BLACK GLOVE!  

No homework!  Warm-up #10 and Unit 2 Teacher Notes were given


Military Spending by European Countries 1870-1910 chart in class-didn’t finish?  You can work on in class on Wednesday.


Finish the graph and watch the WWI Technologies video.

I will be back on Thursday and I will be around for a long while!  Crazy September and October for me!

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and its Thursday already!

Today students annotated the rest of the Scramble for Africa background essay.  HOMEWORK:  Finish the annotation of the background essay.

MANY did not turn in the Waiting for War paragraph-was that you?  Gee, I hope not BUT if it was-you need to turn it in tomorrow for a late grade.

NOTE:  Early release days are good days to replenish supplies (like HIGHLIGHTERS) and to organize your SS notebook.

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And just like that the week is half gone!

Today we started our very first official (practice) DBQ!  We read the How did the Scramble of Africa Begin World War I?  background essay to establish time, place, and mood of the time period to understand why the document we analyze was written.

HOMEWORK:  Annotating Paragraph 3 (only on your own).  Remember to use your purpose to guide your reading.  Not just highlight-annotate!  

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Long week and it is only Tuesday!

Today in class we did the Social Studies revision process on the Waiting for War paragraph (you will turn in with your final).  We will NOT be working on this in class any longer-the final is due on THURSDAY!  No paragraph?  No Fun Friday-you will complete in ZAP>

Grades for the 2nd nine weeks have been entered.  Please check yours-especially if you were out last week!

Be safe and have a great afternoon!

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