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Thanksgiving Break Friday Eve!

Have I mentioned lately that I am very thankful to be part of your day at Durham!

Today we completed the Thursday section of our warm-up #13-the CNN section will be tomorrow and we will turn that in.

We also watched a video “Road to Revolution” and saw the places and people we have talked about this week!  Very cool that we have access to these primary artifacts!  (another thing to add to our grateful list).

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Whoops and it is hump day for sure!

Sorry kiddos-just saw that my post from yesterday didn’t update!

We finished the notes on the Russian Revolution and seeing the events of this time period through the words and eyes of the czar’s youngest daughter Anastasia.

Warm-up #13 is due on Friday.

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Welcome Back!

I am forever thankful to have each of you be part of my heart!


-Warm-Up #13

-Notebook clean out

-Episode One of “Meet the Romanovs”

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Happy Suessical Weekend!

Shows are Friday and Saturday night at 7-ONLY $5 for tickets!

Today in class we watched CNN in 10 and had “Learner’s Choice” .  There were four activities from which to choose.  See me Monday for details.  I collected Warm-up #12.

Have a great weekend!

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Our Propaganda Museum visit!

Today students “visited” a propaganda museum to analyze various posters that were commonplace in Nazi Germany.   

Warm-up #12 is due tomorrow after CNN News in 10.  If absent, you should have completed the parts that were missed in class.  IF ABSENT:  You will visit the museum tomorrow.

Have a great night!

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Propaganda Museum Prep!

Today we did some prep work for our “visit” tomorrow to the Propaganda Museum!  Meet in the Digital Classroom!

Our notes today introduced us to some propaganda techniques and examples to make our visit more meaningful!

Have you checked your grades?  Especially if you have missed any school to make sure you are all caught up.

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Holocaust Heroes

Today we started Warm-Up #12.  Homework is to reflect on yesterday’s speaker (Monday on the warm-up).  If you were absent or unable to attend the presentation-listen to the video and reflect upon the experience of the speaker. Herbert Kohn Anti-Jewish Laws

We also began a focus on the UPSTANDERS (Heroes) of the Holocaust-those that made a different choice.  We will finish tomorrow.  If you were absent, I will be at school at 8:30 to get you caught up!  I will pick you up at the cafeteria at that time!

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Thank you to Miss. Mann and Mr. Camden from KSU for sharing a FANTASTIC presentation with us today.

I collected the Treaty of Versailles DBQ paragraph was due today.  If you have a zero in the grade book-looks like you do have homework tonight.

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Happy Friday!

Blocks 1 and 5:  Please follow the links provided to follow in Germany’s footsteps as Hitler rises to power!

Hitler’s campaign speech: Keep in mind your “role” from our mock election as you listen.  What parts of Hitler’s speech would have you vote for him?  Record that on your handout.  Feel free to watch as many times as you need.  Try this from is a You Tube link-worth watching though!

Webquest:  Record your answers on the handout.  Please use complete sentences when responding.

Complete through 5b for homework!

Blocks 3, and 4: 

Complete the Rise of Nazism handout we began in class.

Guest speaker will be here Monday!  SO excited!  I apologize again that permission slips can not be accepted on Monday.  You will study the same material through work in the textbook.


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Writer’s Delite!

Today students revised the DBQ paragraph answering the question “How does the Versailles Treaty lead to WWII?”

FINAL PARAGRAPH is due on Monday (typed or in blue/black pen)

LAST CALL-Permission slips are due on Friday…hard deadline on that friends!


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