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Happy Break!

Hello friends….Santa is still watching so stay on the SUPER nice list!  Be safe and travel smart!  Bring a postcard back if you travel!

Holidays Around the World packets are due when we get back!  Cards were due today.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year.

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Twas the night before break starts!

We will have another half day tomorrow.  We will work on the holiday card which will be due tomorrow.  The countries within the packet are due the Monday we get back from break BUT you are welcome to turn it in before you leave if done!

Have a wonderful break friends!

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Santa’s Workshop Update

Tomorrow we will conclude our Holidays Around the World tour with a country of your choice AND work on the holiday card.

You should have completed-Germany and England, Mexico and Brazil, Canada OR Australia.  Parents, I have not collected those so your student should be able to share those with you.

Amigo Secreto will be on Friday!  $1 limit.  I have heard the school store has a great gift selection!

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Holidaying Around the World!

Monday-A visit to Germany and England

Tuesday-Visiting Mexico and Brazil (begin Holiday card)

Wednesday-Au Canada and Down Under!

Thursday-Comparison and Pick 1

Friday- All items due.

Today we drew names for our Amigo Secreto as they do in Brazil.  Shhhhh….it’s a secreto!  $1 ($1.06 with tax) gift limit.  Please be thoughtful, kind, and responsible.  We will reveal our amigos on Friday!

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Happy Friday the 13th with a FULL MOON!

Good luck to both the Harrison Hoyas and the Allatoona Bucs!  Wish you both could win!

Students are to work on their time travel assignment.  This is due Monday with no late penalty.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!

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Time Travel Today

Students received feedback today to analyze which time period they need to revisit.  Based on incorrect answers, students are looking at specific events and creating a summary.  We worked on this today and then time tomorrow.  This will be the last assignment for this 9 weeks.


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One test down and only 2 more to go!

We have officially completed our historic tour through Europe.  Two more stops before we leave the region-we will begin those after our break.

Those that entered your answers into the i-repond today, grades are updated in Synergy.  Block 1 your short answer grades are there as well.  Bock 5-I’m working on it!

No homework unless it is to prepare for Science or ELA tests tomorrow!


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Happy Test Eve!

We will have our Unit 2 test TOMORROW!  Love your study guide and it will love you!  AC students continue to do a daily review over material covered in class!

As promised in August-night before a test there is a treat on the blog!  For one point each and a parent signature….who are the current leader of the following countries:  Germany (Chancellor), Russia (President), and the United Kingdom (Prime Minister)?  You can turn the extra credit in with your test.

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Hello Monday!

Today students worked on the textbook questions that were started on Friday.  We will finish these up tomorrow.  We also reviewed CNN in 10 expectations for Friday warm-up day and worked on completing the study guide.  Our test is Wednesday-Dec. 11th!

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Get your ducks in a row!

Today we looked at the discovery tickets (1 and 2) from the unit to do some remediation before the test!








After completing the Duckster Review for the areas you needed-try this!  <it’s a link!

Next?  STUDY GUIDE!  Test is Dec 11th!  


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