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Checking in…

Hello my dear ones!  Grades have been updated and it looks like you are showing off well!  Be proud, keep up the hard work and I can’t wait to celebrate with you when I get back…whenever that may be!

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Did you hear the one….

about the teacher that broke while exercising?  I miss your sweet faces like crazy kiddos and am doing all that I am told to get better asap.

During my absence-Blocks 2, 3, and 4 should check Mrs. Clark’s blog and Blocks 1 and 5 should check Mr. Brink’s blog.  Feel free to email me with questions or just a note to say hello!

Be the brilliant GeoBees that you are-do the impossible everyday and be PROUD!

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Well,,,it has been an interesting start of the year!

I HATE that I am going to miss being wit you as you get closer to 7th graders.  I am having hip surgery tomorrow and rhen 2 weeks later will need another-crazy!

The test is still in Jan 22.  I know you will be ready and do well.  Please welcome our Guest Teacher with good character and personal pride!

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Happy Monday

Students received warm-up #14 and the government teacher notes.  We also did a Discovery Ticket and found that a daily review of notes is not a bad thing!

Each student was assigned a country on which they will become a government expert.

IMPORTANT:  Our government test will be on Friday (not Thursday).

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and just like that….it’s Thursday

After students completed the RI, they were able to complete the Newsela article comparing autocracy and democracy.  If done, they could study for the test on Thursday Jan. 16th…..


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Happy Wednesday!

Today students examined the differences between autocratic and democratic forms of government.  We read the textbook and completed the last page of yesterday’s handout, watched a short video, and read an article describing what it looks like for citizens in these type of countries.

We will have a test over this material on Jan. 16th.

Tomorrow we will meet in the computer lab near attendance to take the RI.

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Unit 3-European Government Begins!

Today students watched a School House Rock video to review the divisions of the USA government.  We took notes in the video and in a graphic organizer packet.  If absent today, please pick up the vocabulary that will be test on January 16 and the packet.  You can also get ahead by watching the video and record who is found leading each ring and what their responsibility may be.

Create flashcards-it is a great way to study!  BEGIN NOW!  

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Welcome Back and to a New Year!

Today students participated in Round 1 of the National Geographic Geography Bee!  Congratulations to Jackson K, Owen B, Parker L, Alex W, Mahika M, and Logan F-each winners for their class.  We will know if any of the GeoBees will be attending the school geography bee!  Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow we will start on the last part of our visit to Europe-government and economics.

Thursday we will be taking the Winter RI in Social Studies-please bring a pleasure reading book to class in case you finish early!

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and then it was done!

Hi friends!  So excited to see you in the NEW YEAR!  What goals have you set?  Let me know how I can help you to achieve them all!  Maybe there are a few I will need your help with as well!

One of my goals is to keep EVERYONE healthy.  I am requesting donations of kleenex and had sanitizer.  Let’s be flu free this season!

See you Monday!

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