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AC SWAY submission-due March 2

I must admit I am EXCITED to see your hard work!  I am so proud of what you achieved this year and now is the time to show it off!  Mrs. Prather will be publishing a detailed video to assist your submission.  The links below will take you to an Office 365 FORMS page for your name and SWAY link.  The SWAY will be shared by midnight on March 2.  You may start submitting if finished before then if you are comfortable with the format prior to the midnight deadline of course!  So excited to see them all!

DO NOT SHARE THROUGH OFFICE 365 but through the link below-it will open on March 2 at 9:00am.  Please follow the directions given in the link or the webquest from Mrs. Prather.  You will copy the link to your finished project into the space provided in the below link- Instructions to share you sway  LINK HERE.

Block 1


Block 5


NEXT STEP:  Check back on Friday to take the 10 question quiz about the OPPOSITE country from your research country.  What did you LEARN from your partner? Reminder:  This is NOT the country you researched.   You will have until Monday, March 9 at 9 am to complete.  This is 10 points  on your rubric so don’t skip it!

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To all my GeoLoves!

Happy Valentines Day my friends!  I think of you all everyday!  Know that you are loved and capable of great things!

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Oh my goodness!

Hi friends!  Just did a quick grade check-oh my.  LOTS of zeroes for the economics vocabulary project.  I have updated the ZAP list for this Friday-if you didn’t turn in the assignment, you have ZAP on Friday unless the work is received by Thursday!  Come on friends!  Stay focused!  You have this!

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