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Hello from Wednesday!

Check Mrs. Clark’s blog for the Personal Finance assignment AFTER you read this special announcement:

Use the reading passages to answer the questions below. 

 The “form” will mark it wrong if a word is misspelled, capitalized, or if you use punctuation that I did not.  RELAX.  I will look at your answers and adjust the grade I put in the grade book.  If you have the right answer you will receive credit for it. 🙂

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Happy Week ?


Click for a video message!

Looking for adventure?  Me Too!  Go back to April 22’s blog and take me with you!

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What I’m reading this week:

On my reading list this week is Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story.  This is a TRUE story-you know I like those!  I found it on Destiny but had to purchase it for my Kindle.  If you read it….let me know how you like it!

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AC STUDENTS: I know many have had issues with uploading the video to your scrapbook.  No worries, create an entry in your scrapbook that includes the name of the person interviewed, a picture, and the questions.  Save the video in a place that you can access later.  This is an important primary source-protect it!

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Mrs. BitlerGeoBee’s Adventure

Today I played Bingo with MD!  Thanks for the outing!  Take me on an adventure too!  See yesterday’s blog for details!

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Did I mention….

that I miss our daily adventures?  Here is my idea…..print out the “flat Mrs. Bitler GeoBee” and include me on YOUR daily adventure.  Maybe its a hike, maybe a bike ride, maybe a gaming binge, family dinner-include me and send a picture.  Help-I need to get out!  Thanks friends!

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Happy Tuesday!

On Thursday we will be doing a short activity about the Amazon Rainforest.  In the meantime (or later), check out this video to learn even more (and have some fun…there are games too) Wild Kratts Amazin’ Amazon Adventure

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Week of April 20th

On Level:  Keep checking Mrs. Clark’s blog for this week’s assignments!

Advanced Content:  Last week of the scrapbook project!  Details on Mr. Brink’s blog!

Durham’s Lunch Bunch Readers have gone virtual! If you would like to join us, check out the details on the Library blog linked below, and consider sharing the post on your website as well to help us reach more students. Keep reading Wildcats!

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Missing some good ol’ geography?

Here are several games to test your geo knowledge!  Enjoy!

National Geographic offers even more!  

Check Mrs. Clark’s blog (On Level) or Mr. Brink’s blog (AC) tomorrow for this week’s learning plans!

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Family Game Night!

Escape from Antelope Island!  Enjoy and make happy memories!

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