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And then it was the last!

What a crazy year!

This week’s adventure is on Mrs. Rudd’s blog! Enjoy!

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You ARE the droids I have been looking for…..

Both Advanced Content and On Level students will be completing this week’s personal finance adventures!  Please check Mrs. Clark’s blog for the daily lessons and the forms assessment!

NOTE:  My students-if you attended this morning’s ZOOM session-you will not need to do the BANKING lesson on Mrs. Clark’s blog.  You already did it with me!

Welcome Mr. Brink’s students!  Thanks for stopping by!  I will be sharing videos and other activities here while the required lessons to complete are on Mrs. Clark’s blog!  Feel free to look through my past blogs for some activities!

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May the Fourth Eve!

May the Fourth is one of my favorite days of the year.  Not going to let digital learning spoil our fun!  Look for an email later this evening with your invitation to a Star Wars themed Zoom check-in and banking lesson!  I have a few surprise spots from which I will broadcast.

Grab your favorite Star Wars gear (everyone has something right?!?) and may the force be with you!

Get ready:

Print or make the graphic organizer from Brainpop’s “Banking” episode.  You will need that as we watch the video together.

We are going to do a KAHOOT after the video-I’ll give you time to log on but having it ready will save us some time.

Then I will see you!

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Things just got real!

May 4th is one of my favorite days of the year and we won’t be together-that hurts deeply!  How about a Star Wars themed ZOOM on Monday?  We’ll talk banking, and the force of course!  I will email the ZOOM link on Monday morning.  Let’s get together at 10:30!  #toinfinityandbeyond #mixedreferencesareokay

Download the graphic organizer on Brainpop for the “Banking” video!

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