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Beyond Your notes….

What is “fracking”?  One of technology’s brain child that has allowed more of a natural resource to be used……but what is the down side?

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It’s Friday Eve!

Look over your notes from today for 10 minutes!  Have a parent sign your notes and I’ll give you 2 points to add to your map test.  Highlight notes that show the relationship between climate, location, natural resources and its impact on trade.

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It’s Wednesday.

Blocks 1 and 5: For the activity after the test-you will need a piece of paper for this.  To prepare for next week’s topic of Environmental Concerns in Canada, some background is needed.  National Geographic Movement of Pollutants 

NOTE:  Question 4 MAY NOT work…if not, skip and move forward.  Read instructions carefully and answer in 2-3 sentences.

BLOCKS 2, 3, and 4:  Complete the assignment you began in class for homework.  Cornell notes created from the text given in class.  Step 1, 2 and 3 to be completed.  Step 1:  include one visual, and one connection in your annotation.  Step 2:  One vocabulary word for each section, the main idea for each section, and one test question for the entire passage.  Block 4 -the test will be tomorrow due to the Honor Roll celebration BUT all students are responsible for the Cornell Notes.


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Tuesday…..not a Monday but not half way there either. Poor guy!

All students completed the rotation through the two physical features of Canada-HOMEWORK:  Complete “Step 3”-20-25 word summary of the material we covered in your center.  Map test tomorrow!

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Happy Monday….eh!

Geography of Canada edit-1aepb51

Group B will use the above powerpoint to complete the CLOZE notes portion of the activity.  Also create the remembering phrase to prepare for the test on Wednesday.  HOMEWORK: complete the picture and phrase

Group A-you are completing the Cornell notes for pages 234-240 (top section about natural resources included) SKIP pages 238-239.  You are to complete Step 1 and Step 2 of the Cornell Notes format.  HOMEWORK:  Finish Step 2 of the Cornell Notes and the 20-25 word summary.

Map Test on Wednesday-capitals/province or territory, located on province, and the physical features location.

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A long week….

We have been busy for the first week back!  We have begun a study of Canada-learned a new note taking strategy AND crowned our GeoBee participant in the school Geography Bee-Congrats to Jacob Mc

Canada map test on Wednesday, Jan. 16th.  You have the resources and there are additional links on previous days’ blogs.  Happy Studying!

CNN News in 10-January 4th episode 

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Happy Friday Eve!

Classes completed the graphic organizer today from our video approach to Canada.  I checked over the maps to get ready for our map test on 01.16.

Students were introduced to the Cornell Notes strategy today and we will continue developing that skill.

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Map Work!

Classes labelled the map of Canada to prepare for our map test on Jan. 16th.  Homework is to complete the map labelling and color according to the map expectations discussed in class.  Capitals and provinces/territories

See yesterday’s blog for the link to Canada on Sheppard’s Software.



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Back to our travels!

Students received warm-up for the week, Canada/Australia teacher notes, and did a fly over video to get a peek at the diverse geography of Canada.  We will have a map test on the provinces/capitals and physical features of Canada 01.16.  The paper map will be received tomorrow but in the meantime visit:

We also did a notebook clean-out to make room for Canadian souvenirs!


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Happy New Year…2019!

Today students participated in round 1 of the school National Geographic Geography Bee.  Top class winners are:

B1-Jacob, B2-Danika, B3-Jalyn, B4-Jackson, and B5-Tyler Bl.  Find out tomorrow who will represent the GeoBees at the school competition later this month!

New seats, new year, same expectations.  Bee kind and d0 your best…each and every day!

Tomorrow we begin our trek to Canada!

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