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Let it Snow? Who Knows!

All classes were very busy today!  We completed comparing the governments of Germany, Russia, and United Kingdom.  There was a chart and a venn diagram.  Questions 6-15 were completed with the fellow delegates.  If time allowed, studying for our quiz TOMORROW was done.

Wait-before you go…..Jack Frost here passing out a hint:  Know the first and last names of the current leaders (Head of Government) of the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia and get a point each added to your test!

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Baby it is COLD outside!

Vocabulary quiz on Friday!

Warm-Up #10 is due on Friday!

Today students became an expert on one of our case study countries:  Russia, United Kingdom, and Germany!  IF ABSENT:  You will need to see me in the morning to get the handout from today to complete during homeroom.

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Finally some cold weather!

All classes….enjoy this study guide for the vocabulary test on Friday!

Students compared parliamentary and presidential democracies today.  We annotated the vocabulary and completed a Venn diagram.  There is no homework!

Warm-Up #10 is due on Friday!

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Happy Monday!

All classes did a Unit of Study clean out to make room for our next unit-Government Systems of Europe.  Students were given vocabulary for a quiz that will be on Friday, Dec. 8.  Begin studying now….divide the words into smaller chunks and master those.

Warm-Up #10 will be due on Friday.

Students were given the Unit 3 and 4 Teacher Notes (textbook).  Today we read and annotated pages 1 and 2 as well as began a graphic organizer that examines citizen participation.

No homework: STUDY!

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On the first day of December…my true teacher gave to me……

a test!  We are done with Unit 2 and will begin Unit 3 on Monday-3 and 4 go quick-we will leave Europe as we leave for the Winter Break!

No homework-enjoy your time!  Be kind!

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Twas the Night before the Unit 2 Test

Are you ready?  We will have our Unit 2 Part 2 test tomorrow…Friday, the first day of December!

Groups shared the Cold War newspaper and looked for the cause/effect relationships.


We watched the November 30th episode of CNN News in 10 today.  Warm-up #9 is due tomorrow.

EXTRA CREDIT!  Who said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”?  Print the blog out, answer the question, and have a parent sign for 2 points added to your test.

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The Unit 2 Part B test is on Friday.  Warm-up #9 is due Friday (we will watch CNN News on Thursday).

Today all classes finished the Cold War front page and began the “Coffee House” museum walk.

Have a great night!

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Back in the swing….

Warm-Up #9 is due on Friday.  I have changed our test until Dec. 1 (Friday) to give us more time to complete the activities in class.  We will have a portion of the time tomorrow to complete the Cold War/Berlin Wall front page.


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Welcome Back!

Boy, that was quick!

All classes read, annotated, and summarized the last section of the teacher notes for Unit 2.  Our topic is Cold War and Berlin Wall.  Groups began creating a newspaper front page regarding the time period.

The Unit 2 Part B test is on Thursday.  You already have the study guide!  Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare!  Homework:  Study!

Warm-up #9 is due on Friday.


Test is being moved to Friday, Dec. 1.

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Thankful for you my lil’ turkies!

We completed our study of the Heroes of the Holocaust today and began creating a commemorative stamp to honor those who resisted injustice!  See Parent Vu if you were absent to download the resource. If you did not finish in class, this is homework.  Should not take very long to “polish” as we worked in class.

Warm-Up #8 was turned in as well.

I hope you have a very safe Thanksgiving and take time to reflect on the many things for which to be grateful!

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