Unit Test on Government of Africa on Tuesday after the break: February 27, 2018

Unit 7 – Government of Africa Study Guide

  •  Be able to identify the types of government illustrated and labeled on the “Illustrated Government Review handout.
  •  Be able to compare and contrast all of the facts about Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa from the “Africa Government Matrix” (the one that has the Graphic Organizer with all of the facts on each of those three countries’ government and the ruler on the flip side of the paper.)
    1. Use the questions under the ruler to help practice comparing/contrasting those facts for all three countries.
  • Know the effects of access to clean drinking water and the problems with unsafe drinking water.
  • Know the effects of unequal access to education and literacy rates.
  • Be able to describe the effects of the following terms:
    1. Artificial Political Boundaries
    2. Famine, starvation, & malnutrition
  • Be able to explain the problems impacting citizens with HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  • Be able to explain how and why South Sudan was created and the problems that still exist in this country.
  • Be able to describe the four obstacles to education in Africa/Namibia.

History of Africa Test on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The following materials should be used to study for the test:

  1. Why We Colonize
  2. The Scramble for Africa
  3. British Empire Brain Pop
  4. Colonialism Timeline
  5. Weighing the Impact
  6. Nationalism Flow Chart (Looks like a film strip with arrows)
  7. Independence of Kenya/Nigeria
  8. Independence of South Africa/Independence Venn Diagram
  9. Pan-African Movement
  10. 3 Great Civil Rights Leaders
  11. Apartheid Brain Pop
  12. Apartheid Mandela – deKlerk Reading


Notebook Check Tomorrow, Friday, 2/2/18:

  1. Independence of Kenya
  2. Independence of Nigeria
  3. Independence of South Africa
  4. Independence Venn Diagram
  5. Pan-African Movement


From Colonization to Nationalism

Today’s Activities:

  • Reviewed Colonialism Timeline/Nationalism
  • Weighing the Impact
  • Nationalism Flow Chart
  • Pan-Africanism Flash Card

Study materials for the Quiz on Monday, January 29th:

  1. Why Colonize Africa Reading/Graphic Organizer
  2. British Empire Brain Pop
  3. Scramble for Africa
  4. Colonialism  Timeline/Nationalism
  5. Weighing the Impact
  6. Nationalism Flow Chart

Colonization Quiz on Monday.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Today’s Activities:

  • Reviewed Colonization/Scramble for Africa
  • Colonization Timeline
  • Nationalism in Africa

Notebook check Friday, January 26, 2018:

  1. Biomes Review
  2. Impact of Location (Climate Zones)/Where Would You Rather Live?
  3. Where People Live/Work They Do Chart
  4. Bantu/Ashanti Reading & Graphic Organizer
  5. Arabs/Swahili Reading & Graphic Organizer

Colonizing Africa

Yesterday, Monday, 1/22/18 we took our quiz on the Biomes, Ethnic, and Religious Groups in Africa. We also did a Kente Cloth activity.

Today’s activities:

  • Discussed the “Why Colonize” Reading
  • Reasons/Challenges for colonization
  • British Empire Brain Pop

Africa Biomes, Climate, Ethinic, and Religious Groups Quiz Tomorrow!

On Tuesday, January 16, 2017:

We reviewed Africa’s Biomes, Climate, Ethnic, and Religious Groups with a Kahoot Review Game.

We also learned how to say formal and informal greetings in Swahili, filling in our Swahili Language Lesson Organizer.

  • Make sure you have reviewed the following resources from class for the quiz tomorrow:
    1. Biomes Review
    2. Impact of Location (Climate Zones)/Where Would You Rather Live?
    3. Where People Live/Work They Do Chart
    4. Bantu/Ashanti Reading & Graphic Organizer
    5. Arabs/Swahili Reading & Graphic Organizer

Africa Environmental Issues Quizlet link!

Review for the test using your Green Environmental issues chart/Study Guide and notes.  Below are some Quizlet links to review for Africa’s Environmental Issues:

Overall terms such as Deforestation, Desertification, and Pollution/causes:




Description of vocabulary:


Maps for a couple of regions as seen in the Vocabulary:


Quizlet that has some of the physical features like Mt. Kilamanjaro, Nile River, etc.: