February 1st – February 5th

Intro to Business – Due Monday….. Your Leadership Interview Project – – – – -Test on Thursday………. Covers: Teamwork, Leadership, Employability Skills, Attitude, Diversity, Motivation, SMART Goals, Stages of Team Development, Leadership Styles. This week we will be getting ready for our first assessment and continuing with our restaurant simulation. We will write a press release this week for our Grand Opening. GMETRIX to continue with our preparation for Microsoft Certification.

SAT Prep – How are you going to pay for college? I am going to show you this week. We will talk about Hope, Zell Miller, Scholarships, Grants and Work Study Programs. We will compare the costs of your top 3 colleges.

Intro to Digital Technology – Test on Tuesday…….. Covers: Reasons to Major in Computing, Broad Disciplines of Study in Computing, Employability Skills, Cyber Security Notes, Computer Ethics, Copyright, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety, WANS, LANS, WWW, URL and A-B Vocabulary for our IT words. For the remainder of the week , we will cover Cloud Computing and Emerging Technologies. Don’t forget that you need to bring a shoebox by this Friday, February 5th.

January 18th – 22nd

Intro to Business: Importance of Teamwork Skills in the Workplace, Teamwork Quotes, GMETRIX, Teamwork Vocabulary, Remember the Titans (Teamwork), Teamwork Competitions, Leadership, Restaurant Simulation…. Help Wanted Ads and LOGOS

SAT Prep: College Mapper, Importance of Extracurricular Activities, Community Service and Volunteer Hours for College Applications, Universal College Application, Academic Resumes and Reference Sheets, Autobiographical Essays (Parts 1 & 2 Due Friday), University of West Georgia here on Thursday. Speaker here on Wednesday to talk to you about college and career choices/options

Digital Technology: Cyber Security and Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying (Case Studies and the Law), ABCs of Digital Citizenship, 3 minute presentations on Tuesday, Internet Safety Strategies, Children’s Book Project on Cyber Safety, Microsoft Digital Literacy, IT Vocabulary

January 11th – 15th

Intro to Business РResume and Interview Skills, GMETRIX  lessons as we prepare for MOS Certification tests, Employability skills regarding attitude and manners, Motivation and diversity in the workplace, Restaurant Simulation РCreating your Restaurant LOGOS

SAT Prep – SMART Goals, GACollege411, Autobiography, College Exploration Project, Importance of Volunteer work and Extracurricular activities

Digital Technology –¬†Computer Ethics, Digital Citizenship, Ethical Decisions/Situations, Cyberbullying, Cyber Security


Welcome Back!

January 4th – 8th

Intro to Business: REMIND text @93e64d to 81010 – Syllabus (return asap), employability skills, job applications, resumes and interviews

SAT Prep: Syllabus (return asap), New SAT Test changes, Degrees offered, Goal Setting

Intro to Digital Technology:  REMIND text @k2gb to 81010 РSyllabus (return asap), employability skills, Careers in Technology