January 18th – 22nd

Intro to Business: Importance of Teamwork Skills in the Workplace, Teamwork Quotes, GMETRIX, Teamwork Vocabulary, Remember the Titans (Teamwork), Teamwork Competitions, Leadership, Restaurant Simulation…. Help Wanted Ads and LOGOS

SAT Prep: College Mapper, Importance of Extracurricular Activities, Community Service and Volunteer Hours for College Applications, Universal College Application, Academic Resumes and Reference Sheets, Autobiographical Essays (Parts 1 & 2 Due Friday), University of West Georgia here on Thursday. Speaker here on Wednesday to talk to you about college and career choices/options

Digital Technology: Cyber Security and Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying (Case Studies and the Law), ABCs of Digital Citizenship, 3 minute presentations on Tuesday, Internet Safety Strategies, Children’s Book Project on Cyber Safety, Microsoft Digital Literacy, IT Vocabulary